Catch up, Gym Diaries, Paperchase planner review.

Its late here and I’m waiting for my newest Vlog to upload to YouTube. Trevor went up to settle the baby about 3 hours ago and hasn’t come back down.. even though it is our 10 year anniversary and we were going to watch  film and have a chilled night… one of the blessings when you have small children.

I decided to film my blog and have a catch up for all the posts i’ve missed this week. We’ve had a problem with identity theft this week and I’ve had a lot on my plate with trying to deal with that.

I’ve done one mega catch up video and covered Tuesday’s gym diaries, Wednesdays “What I think” and todays review of my new personal Paperchase planner.

Tomorrow’s blog post comes straight from the heart and you may need a tissue or 2.. it’s the second in the “Brutally Honest Confessions : Normal Women Trying To Get By” and this weeks title is : The One With The Letter From The Heart.

Thanks for reading.
Michelle xx

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