Confessions of a Plannerholic : The one with the kids answers

I am so excited to be posting this today, it’s the first blog post in a series which a few of us blogger/vloggers have come together to bring to you. Today’s posts have no set topic or structure, the lovely Emma, from The Stationery Geekette, who came up with this amazing series and brought us all together simply told us to “free form”.

I have many confessions that I wanted to share but I thought I’d start off with true confessions from the mouths of babes… I asked my children, who are 5, 3 & 2 years old, some planner questions and have uploaded their answers raw and unedited!! Some of the questions asked were;

What at are these (my planners)
How many planners does mummy have?
Whats my favourite planner?
What does mummy do for a job?
What does mummy use the planners for?
How long does mummy spend writing in her planners?

…head over to my YouTube channel (video at the bottom of this post) to check out their answers and don’t forget to head over to the other ladies and see what they have to confess.

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