Review : The one with the Erin Condren Life Planner

I finally brought into the hype of owning one of these beauties after having a few months of inserts punched and put into my yellow Kikki K this year. The new releases were out in June and I decided to treat myself and invest in it as a tool to promote my business, I think I was secretly hoping that I would learn to love decorating the way other people do and would open up a whole new market for my shop and planner stickers.

I brought a standard version as I know how quickly I go off things so I thought a non personalised version would be easier to resell if i changed my mind about owning it in the future, I used a referral code and my order came to £47 once converted, I eagerly awaited it to see if i had any customs charges to pay and was over the moon when it cleared customs and arrived at my front door. But that was it, I didn’t get the buzz I was expecting and no magic happened when I opened the box, in fact it just sat there for a few days. I made some monthly overlay stickers to match the monthly colour schemes and that was it… I wasn’t in love, I hadn’t found planner peace!

Then It came time to actually start using her and I noticed that the writing on the monthly over view pages was really fuzzy, like home print pixelated type fuzzy, and my ruler broke whilst doing the unboxing. I felt deflated, I felt it was a lot of money to spend on something that was not of a quality I would expect. I must add here that Erin Condren Customer Services have been amazing, like literally fantastic, they answered my emails quickly and efficiently and finally we agreed for them to send out replacement “guts” for my planner.

I must admit I’m actually starting to love her, I filmed the video to this post just a few hours ago and since then i’ve been thinking about her and and looking at all my other planners and i’ve realised she actually does everything I wanted her to do, she sits open on my desk so i can tick my tasks off during the day, I’ve changed her covers to some pretty ones sent to me by Ange from Facebook, the stickers I have made for the superhero subscription boxes make this months pages bright and colourful and remind me I’m a frigging superhero. I’ve even made the next 2 months overlay sheets in their themes and I really am starting to love it.

Would I jump on the band waggon and buy another one next June when the new releases come out? Probably not, this one runs until December 2017 and unless I can find a UK seller (I like to support UK businesses) who sells a planner I like just as much I’d order another one then.

Thank you for reading, if you would like to purchase an Erin Condren for yourself then please feel free to use this referral code which gives you money off your first order and gives me credit on my account,  all like a freebie 🙂

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