Brutally Honest Confessions 4 : The one where we handle day to day stress

There couldn’t have been a more apt topic for this weeks instalment in this series, which was actually suggested by Sally in the Facebook group.

Honestly? My first response to stress is to go to bed, pull the covers up over my head and sleep, or to cry, in fact its usually a bit of both! I hate to be stressed or feel under pressure which is why I use planners to work everything out and plan my events and work, trouble is I also like to work on adrenaline and get bored very quickly so I tend to leave tasks until the very last minute, which is fine until something comes up and pushes everything back, thats when adrenaline turns to stress and I cry.

I have become very good at balancing myself so that I do not find myself in this awful place very often (eat!! I forgot to add I eat, ALOT, when I am stressed and never healthy salad its always cake and chocolate) I have a main planner, Erin Condren Life Planner, which I use to plan my daily life and contains lots and lots of To Do’s and deadlines, then I have individual planners for my Vlog & Blog, Etsy Shop and a daily planner which has my daily To Do and Goals on. I have been listening to The Miracle Morning on ebook and it has really helped me to take control of my day, i’ve not quite made it to starting the 30 day challenge (when I start I will let you know) but I have changed my morning routine to incorporate sitting for 5 minutes in peace and quite and writing in my journal, I make a master list of what I need to do in that day and highlight the most important, it keeps me on track and helps me to set realistic goals for the day.

This week has been particularly stressful in that I have had 2 sets of Planner Subscription Boxes to send out, which meant 2 sets of stickers to design, 2 set son accessories to design and make and 2 sets of listings to promote and advertise, I had a month to do it and everything would have been OKAY if the sun hadn’t been shining and I hadn’t taken a few days off to enjoy it with the children, but thats what life is for, right? I’ve worked really hard to change my habits and become productive, so I scheduled my time and kept lots of lists, I scheduled breaks and made sure I had lots of healthy food to snack on, I booked some personal training sessions and made sure I went to all my rugby training sessions. Exersize really does help to clear your mind, not to mention the stress management factor of smashing into someone 6″ taller than you and 2 stone heavier and taking them off their feet and then having them do it back (and that was just a training session) rugby is my physical release.

Thanks for reading, and thank you to Sally for todays topic. If you have a topic you would like to hear our opinion on or if you would like to join in with this series on your own blog/vlog then please get in touch and please make sure you check Emma’s post on this topic over at The Stationery Geekette.

Michelle (aka Ugly Bug)

4 thoughts on “Brutally Honest Confessions 4 : The one where we handle day to day stress

  1. I react the same as you when it comes to stress so I might look into this ebook and then hopefully it will help me relieve some the stress or cope with it differently!! Thanks for sharing😊💕


    1. Honestly it has helped me so much and I’ve not really began to apply all the principles yet, I will warn you it is very motivational so don’t read it at night or it has your brain rearing to go haha.

      My new motto is “today is the best day of your life” 🙂


  2. I love the Miracle Morning. I haven’t quite incorporated all the aspects into my morning routine but I’m definitely working on it.

    Glad to see that someone else out there reacts in a similar way to me when it comes to stress – I eat crap or on occasion don’t eat at all 🙂


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