Days Out : Guisborough Priory & Summerhill

I love the summer holidays, I love having the kids home and we’re lucky that having our own businesses means we can allocate more days off over the summer to have family days out, they are small for such a short time we both want to enjoy as much of it as possible.

I have a summer bucket list with lots of free days out that I have found over the Internet, most came from Netmums as I trust the reviews and opinions of the ladies on there.

As my children are close in age 5,3 & 2 it makes it easier to pick days out which will entertain them all (at least one part of  the “close age gaps” worked, them being close and not fighting…. Not so much).

The first place we visited this week was Guisborough Priory, Emma from my design team volunteers there on a weekend so we thought it would be nice to meet up with the kids and a picnic.
There is a lovely picnic area in the woods with some logs for the children to climb over and a “Guisbug Hotel” for them to bug spot, the ruins of the priory are amazing and there is so much history that it was a school day for us all, thanks to our very own local tour guide Emma.

We made daisy chains with the kids on the fields and had great fun sliding down the grass hill.

Right next door to the priory grounds is a small car park, we paid £1.50 for 2 hours but could easily have spent more time there as it was a lovely sunny day.

The priory is free to enter, but donations can be given and are gratefully received, and has toilet facilities in form of a porter loo by the hut that serves as reception/information office. You could easily navigate around it with a pram/buggy and dogs on leads are welcome.


Summerhill – Hartlepool;

Strangely enough I had been recommended Summerhill by my Tesco delivery man, we were talking about running and he said it was a fantastic place to take the kids and there was a long track that I’d be able to run up while they played (with daddy on duty of course).

We had planned on going to the beach but although the sun was shining it was a very windy day so we decided to try Summerhill instead. It is really easy to find with a sat nav and when you get close it is well signposted.

The facilities are fantastic, there is a large , clean, comfy cafè which serves a variety of tea, coffee and cakes at very resonable prices. They serve a “lunchbox” for children which is £3.75 and contains a typical pack lunch, we didn’t try them as we’d just had lunch but definitely would next time. We both had a small Lattè which was nice.

The toilets were clean and well stocked with toilet roll, an important point when you have small girls who go through it at a rate of a roll per hour!

There are 2 play areas, the first is directly behind the cafè and is aimed at smaller children, there are plenty of benches to watch them from and my children were able to monuver themselves around all the apperatuse with ease. There is a pond just out of site of the park, we didn’t go near it but it’s something to be aware of if you have explorers in your mini people.

The second park is bigger and has a big rope swing which several people stand on and swing, there is a frame which has 3 tyres which the kids use as a pogo stick type ride. The climbing frame has more to do and a big slide, I think this area is aimed at bigger kids, although mine navigated it easily I would not have been happy to sit at a distance and watch them, it’s definitely one you have to stay close incase they need your help.

We spent about 2 hours in the parks and then walked up the nature trail. Dogs are welcome in all areas except the actual play areas, although several people ignored this, and the park give out poo bags at reception to encourage cleaning up after your dog (again this had been ignored several times).

Just up from the park is a fantastic BMX park that several young lads were using, we watched them for a while and it was clear they all loved it up there, I was really impressed and even Eadie, 2 yrs, wanted to come home and get her scooter to give it a go!

There is also a bird watching station and some big boulders to climb, we will definitely go back this summer and will go for the whole day next time.

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