Plan My Week : 15/08/16

Instead of filming a Plan With Me video for YouTube this week I decided that I’d only blog about it and will probably stick with this for the next couple of weeks… coincidence that this coincides with the kids going back to school and me having time to film and edit or a move to save my sanity for the last few weeks of the holidays? Either way it means I can plan as and when I need to and not go off the rails too much.

So this week I am expecting to be out and about a lot with the children so as well as planning in my ECLP, which stays at home on my desk, I have entered everything on my personal Paperchase inserts which live in my Red Zipped Pennybridge which serves as my every day purse, I usually keep the next 4 weeks in my Pennybridge and I remove previous weeks so that it doesn’t become too big and bulky. This system works really well for me, as long as I remember to update both planners everyday.


I decided to try and co-ordinate both planners this week by using only these three sheets in both planners and I am overjoyed that it worked, with plenty of stickers left over.

I tend to write more detail in my Erin Condren Life Planner as there is usually more space and any flyers, info sheets or appointment letters which correspond to appoints arena the back folder section, making it easier for me to refer back to them for more details if I need them.


I’e gone for a simple and fresh look this week as the stickers are dark and have a glitter effect so I didn’t want the page becoming too dark. IMG_5631.JPGIMG_5632.JPG

As I use this planner as my purse I have decided to keep track of any spends here, it seems logical to me and I’m going to try to update it at point of payment.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this blog Vs my normal PMW video.

Peace and Love

Michelle (aka Ugly Bug)

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