Unorganised Chaos 

I never though the school holidays would have things so out of whack, although my children are still small and very demanding I really thought we’d stick to a schedule and I’d still be able to keep my work/life balance. Frazer has just finished reception so he’s been full time for a year and the girls have been in on mornings, I’ve perfected the art of prioritising my To Do lists to fit my more important tasks into the 3 hours the girls ar at school, usually going to the gym, working on orders and anything else which I find hard to do when they are here.

Maybe I was slightly more than naive when I pictured the mornings dancing round the house armed with dusters, toys out perfectly back in place the second they are finished with and three children content with a paper and pencils while mummy works at her desk!

Reality has been somewhat different, I’m struggling by on the minimal amount of house work to keep a TV show like grime busters away and I’m taking a day or 2 longer to get all order out the door.

One thing I have managed to do is to buy all the children’s uniforms, including coats, shoes, socks, tights and bags. I may have cheated and done most of it online but I’m going to allow myself a smug dance anyway.

How do you manage to keep organised through the holidays? Do you stick to schedules or do everything go to pot like me 🙂

Peace and love

Michelle  aka Ugly Bug

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