Papergang : August Stationery Subscription Box

Price £9.95 + £1.95 p&p

Available monthly or as a rolling subscription, you can earn free boxes by referring people using your own unique links.

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Click here to watch my unboxing/review on youtube.

Wowsers, Papergang you little gems, this is how you do a stationery subscription correctly!! After last months subscription box left me debating my subscription, this months has wowed me again!! It seems I like the “themed” boxes and my stationery senses atingle when all the goodies match and co-ordinate…. well thats no shocker really haha.

So… this month… wanna know whatcha get?

The sleeve of the box is a funky, marbled, galaxy looking, navy blue and comes as always with an origami shape. This month everything is wrapped in a couple of sheets of red tissue paper.

The first thing I noticed was the amazing A4 quarter bound notebook, it has the same stunning colour as the box sleeve and has rose gold detailing to the cover and the edges of the pages. The paper is thick and feels a really good quality, one side is lined and the other plain, its too nice to use yet so i haven’t tested it with any pens (and will probably hoard this for a while before I actually use it). I’m not sure what steals the show this or the rose gold metallic wash tape. I tested the tape as I find it really hard to find metallic washi, they are usually either too sticky and leave residue or they don’t stick at all, this is perfect! There is also a September calendar card and a greeting card which is blank on the inside.

I absolutely love this months box.

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