To The Birthday Girl : Maycie is 4

Where on earth have the last 4 years gone? It honestly feels like the blink of an eye since I looked down and my massive belly and happily told everyone that I was pleased you were showing no signs of being born today as I didn’t want you being the youngest in your class at school and I was happy that I’d have you at home to myself for a whole extra year. Little did I know that a few hours later you’d make your very speedy entry into the world, all 8lb 12.5lb of you.

This past year you have been at nursery in the mornings and you have really enjoyed every minute, you have made some lovely friends and are turning into a confident little girl with an amazing imagination. Your end of school report was a pleasure to read and I’m pleased that you have made such a positive impression on your teachers.

Your love of animals has really developed this year and you show kindness and compassion to all animals big and small, you even show concern over the fat slugs and snails that come into our house, you make me promise I will take them back out to their family. Mummy and Daddy wanted to develop your passion for animals and so far you have loved having the chickens, you are always out in the garden with them but you can’t understand why they can’t come inside for a cuddle. Your favourite present today has been your guinea pigs, so far called Salem and Frank, but your shopkins have come a close second.
Art is another one of your favourite things to do and you love to write in your planners like mummy, you do everything with your left hand and that sometimes confuses you when writing your name and you write it backwards, but thats OKAY we’re working on that. You can count really high and know most of the letters in the alphabet, you really cannot wait to be in reception in September so that you can start learning to read properly.

Out of the 3 of you, you probably like rugby the least, you go every week and you look forward to it, you play all of the games up to tag rugby and then you would rather come and sit with me or run around with a ball, and thats perfectly OKAY, we try and encourage you to do what you love and what makes you happy.

I have had the best day today with you my beautiful girl, we might not have a big family but who we do have make our lives even more amazing. I hope you lots of lovely memories from today.

Love from Mummy.

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