Plan My Week : Websters TN : Etsy Inserts

I am still using and loving my Webster’s Pages Travellers Notebook and I think I will be with him for quite some time yet. For the past few weeks I have been hand drawing my daily inserts, the plan was to keep playing with the layout until I had something I loved and then I could design and print them properly. Over the weekend I discovered a few blogs that offer free printable pages for different sizes of planner, including TNs.

My Life All In Once Place


These both had amazing printable, unfortunately I am a picky cow and was particularly after daily inserts that included an hourly schedule, To Do, Notes and then room to journal too. You know what it is like.. you are quite happy with your current set up but are too busy too draw them out, you decide to have a quick look for some free printable to get you by… a few hours of searching later and you still have no printable that is suitable, still have no hand drawn inserts, still have no work down and now you really just want to find the perfect planner inserts. I finally purchased these inserts from Etsy, at £3.38 they are excellent value for money, they are a fun design and fit my needs perfectly, nearly!!

I’ve printed out 40 days worth and covered them in a lovely autumnal scrapbook paper, getting the hang of binding and cutting them was a bit tricky and I need to go back over the edges with a craft knife and metal ruler to get the edges straight. I’m really happy with this insert now and plan to use this booklet until the end of October.


My Crafty Week : Project Life, Art/Creative Journal

Rather than spam you with a tonne of posts during the week, I thought I’d Introduce a new weekly post where I share everything crafty and creative I’ve been creating during the week. I won’t go into massive detail on each item or we’ll be here for ages, but if you would like to know more details or where I brought products from then leave me a comment and I will post the information there for you.

Because I have a very short attention span and tend to chop and change crafts on a regular basis, the contents that I cover in these weekly posts will vary greatly.

I usually start the week by completing the  previous weeks Project Life, I’m keeping a “Project 52” album this year, where I document our weeks as they go by. I’ve just managed to get back on track and although I have weeks missing that I need to go back and complete, The past 2 weeks I’ve managed to finish my weekly spreads… Just a note about the picture of me in the middle…. I hate it!! I’ve no make up and was lying down, but I think it’s much more important to take the pictures and use them, they show us and our real lives and they are the memories we’ll look back on in future… We all have pictures that make us cringe, but that won’t matter to our children or grandchildren in the future, so I challenge you to use a picture you are not happy with, It gets easier to look at and then it’s actually easier to love your imperfectly perfect self!

(Process video coming soon)

As well as project life I’ve started Art/creative Journalling. It’s very new to me and I spend more time watching YouTube videos than creating the art, but it’s very calming and I love having my art journal on me, it inspires me to find art in everyday life! This week I created my first page, I wanted this page to inspire me every time I open it.

I had some Journalling cards on the front of my art journal, but when I received my wrist band from UKPA I knew I wanted to use this poem somewhere, I decided on the front page for a few reasons. UKPA is a group on Facebook that you’ve heard me mention before. It is run by a group of admins who truly love and care about each and every member, in my time there I’ve seen them collect money to replace household belongings lost in a fire, s b’s gifts to people who are really down, pay for someone to travel on their honeymoon and much more. Everyone is supportive and I’m lucky to be a part of it. This letter came at a time when I really needed it, I’m going through a few things “in real life” and this reminded me that there will always be someone there for me if I need them!! It has pride of place at the beginning of my creative journal.

Over on YouTube i’ve uploaded some Art Journalling process videos;

Art Journal : Autumn Bucket List

Art Journal : Back to School
Thanks for reading

Michelle aka Ugly Bug xx


6 Months to Change My Life : Week 1

A few people in the UKPA planner group had been talking about a challenge they had set themselves, it had me intrigued, so when they opened the group again to start the 2nd 6 month phase I requested to join.

The concept is simple and brilliant, you set yourself realistic, obtainable goals and targets and we support and encourage each other.

I’ve been stuck in a rut for a few months now, with Weightloss, gym and creativity, so this has come at the perfect time, they say doors open when you least expect them and I’m a great believer in that!

So my goals;

These are screen shots of the pictures I posted in the group.

The steps that I have started to implement have already made a big difference and I’m feeling really positive, I’m taking it in small steps and I will share those steps and how things are going with you.

What would be your goals to change your life in 6 months? 

Peace and love,

Michelle aka Ugly Bug xx


Confessions of An Ugly Bug : Autumn Planner Set Up 2016

This blog post couldn’t really be more perfectly timed, well it could have been next week once I’d sent all the subscription boxes out but never mind. I have been setting up my Websters Pages Walnut Travellers Notebook this week and have already published the unboxing and part set up, I wanted to do a second part to show my Autumn accessories and additions so tying it in with today’s blog is perfect.

Unfortunately I had to take out some of the accessories as they are in this months subscription boxes, I’ve left some in which is why I’m not going to do the usually and name where I purchased them from.

You’ll be seeing a lot in this guy in the coming months, I love how well the TN is working for me and I can literally change my planning every day if I want to!

I have 4 inserts inside, the first is my monthly overview and personal targets for the next 6 months. Second is my weekly and daily insert, third is my blog/YouTube inserts and the the fourth is my works book which I keep all my ideas for future projects in.

I have filmed a flip through for YouTube which you can watch here!

Thanks for reading,

Peace and Love

Michelle aka Ugly Bug

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Plan My Week : Week 39 : Websters Pages

I have been really loving the set up in my Websters pages rose gold travellers notebook, the only thing I wasn’t happy with was the colour. Now don’t get me wrong it is stunning, but the weather changed this week and I really fancied a autumnal planner! I’d set my eye on the walnut Websters Pages Travellers and purchase it from Amazon for £35.

Inside I’m using the inserts from last week, which I am currently hand drawing as I’m playing around with the layout, a lot! This week I’m trying a day on one page.

As well as changing the daily pages, I’ve also changed the layout of the weekly oberview page. I prefer it a lot more like this and I think it will be a format I use again in the future.

I have filmed an unboxing and set up of this planner and will upload the second part tomorrow, now that I am fully moved in!



Unboxing : Studio Calico : Younge at Heart Planner Kit : September 2016

How excited was I went this arrived on my doorstep, I had ordered it a couple of weeks ago and didn’t know what to expect, I hadn’t really looked at the contents in great detail as I wanted it to be a suprise.

Although the contents are a bit “girly” for me they actually blend into my planner and look fantastic. The emoji stickers are adorable and I cannot wait to use them in my Project Life or my art journal. The arrow stickers I am going to use in my Travellers Notebook to highlight important tasks/appointments.

I’ve continued my subscription next month and I’m already checking the website for order status updates.

Unboxing Video
Peace and Love

Michelle aka Ugly Bug 


My Top 5 Journalling Apps : IPhone 

Although I am mainly a paper journal user I do sometimes switch to apps and I have a favourite few that I always go to. Some are actually for Journalling but others I use for picture editing etc.

1) Project Life – Probably my favourite app and I use it for so many things! You can create full page project life layouts with pictures straight from your phone and cards from your digital card library. The digital cards are so much cheaper than the physical kits and you can use them over and over again! I use this app to create split photos which I then print, either at home on my Canon Selphy or through another app. It’s great because instead of one 6×4 picture I can print 2 3×4 pictures and just cut it down when it arrives! 

2) Collect Plus: I haven’t used this in a while as I have had my TN on me to journal on the go, but this app is fantastic  for digital Journalling and I used it for a long time then printed all my Journalling to go into my Project Life physical album. You upload pictures and the app automatically puts them in the correct date, you can then go in an add a header, which is printed with the picture and then your Journalling (which you can chose to either print or not). This has been a god send to me in busy weeks when things have happened that I wanted to remember the details of but knew I’d forget!

3) Snapfish : I print all my pictures through the Snapfish app, every minute they give you 50 free prints (that’s 100 pictures for me as I put them 2 to a page in the project life app). You then just pay shipping. It’s a fantastic way to make sure you physically print pictures in your phone. I usually mark in my planner the same date every month to sit and go through the pictures on my phone, once I have printed the pictures I want I then back them all up off my phone onto my hard drive!

4) Datestamp : The one thing I always had problems with, remembering the actual date of events that had happened. I’m not talking the big things, I mean when the kids would do or say something that I wanted to remember. By the time it came to printing and sorting I could never remember the date (unless I’d used the Collect app). This app is amazing. It’s free from the App Store but I have paid the 79p upgrade so I can stamp an unlimited amount of pictures at once. You select which pictures you want to stamp and it stamps the date into the bottom right corner of your pictures.. It’s so retro it’s amazing!! 

5) Layout : This is fantastic for making collages which then print in a square format. Although my main use of this app is to edit my pictures, making them lighter and applying “Instagram Filters”… Every girl loves a filter right?

So now you know my digital Journalling secrets,  I’d love to hear your top 5 Journalling apps.


30 Days of Harry Potter : Catch Up

I know, I know, I’m a bad blogger and I need to go straight to the sin bin! I really was excited about this challenge, and still am, I just haven’t gotten around to posting daily like I am meant to. I had considered switching to posting on Instagram but I really want to post on my blog, so I thought I would just post every few days and cover all the topics I have missed when I do.

Favourite Female Character:

Without a shadow of a doubt it is Professor McGonagall, not only is she head of the best house at Hogwarts she if firm, fair and loyal.



Favourite Subject at Hogwarts:

Defence against the dark art. For sure!! I can just imagine myself there battling my class mates in a duel and learning how to torture people haha, anyone would think I was #teamslytherin!

Least Favourite Character:

Peter Pettigrew aka Wormtail!! The sneaky little ratboy gave away Lily and Jame’s safe house to Voldemort which led to their death, although without that series of events we would never have the whole story of Harry Potter, but still I despise the character. I think he is played very well by Timothy Spall, and I have nothing against him as an actor, but If i crossed paths with him I think I would be inclined to hit him with what ever (hopefully heavy) object I had win my hand at the time.

Horcruxes or Hallows:

Hallows!! Who wouldn’t want the power that they bring? Yes you’d probably be ruined for life and the power would go straight to your head, loosing you your friends and your family and probably your soul… But you’d be invincible, you’d be able to resurrect the dead (Alan Rickman, you’d be first on my list), become invisible, have the all mighty elder wand!!

Character you relate to the most:

Ron Weasley, simply because out of all my friends i’m the slightly awkward one who is happy to let others take centre stage. I have always got their backs and support them in whatever they chose to do (and bare the brunt of the fall out when it, inevitably, goes wrong). I’m loyal, passionate and have crazy hair, my mum is also just as bonkers as Mrs Weasley too.

Top 5 Potter quotes:


Which moment gets you right in the feels?

So so many!! The one that sprang instantly though was “You’re a wizard Harry” to me it signified hope and the end of suffering. It is the first point in the books where anything positive has happened to Harry and the start of his great adventure.

But the moment that has me blubbing like a baby is “Always” I am a hopeless romantic and I still cry every time I watch/read it.



Confessions Of An Ugly Bug : Autumn Bucket List

If you have seen our “Confessions Of” blog series before then you may notice a slight change to the title.. Emma and I thought it would be a good idea to combine the Confessions Of A Plannerholic and the Brutally Honest Confessions series. We will now be posting ever monday with varying topics. Planners and planner confessions will still play a big part in these posts, we’ll just be adding other topics too.

So the first post in this super exciting “Blog Carnival” is Autumn Bucket Lists. I really wanted to have a bucket list in my Travellers Notebook, that I could tick off as I complete each thing (any excuse to head to starbucks), and I really wanted to try art journalling. So today I decided I’d take a few hours out and have a bit of a play. I do love the way it turned out and I am a little bit impressed with myself. I know it is far from the best out there but for a first, and last minute, attempt I’m pleased.


I started out in a brand new TN insert, the one that actually came with my Websters Pages Travellers Notebook. I had a tin of water colour paints and some aqua brushes which I, artistically, mulched about the page. There was no rhyme or reason to how I created the background, I’ve watched a couple of youtube videos so obviously I am now a pro ha.


Next I found a fall printable on google and transferred it to a cut file for my silhouette to make the stickers. I originally wanted to colour the images myself but time is not my friend at the minute so sticker are the next best thing.

The I added wrote in my bucket list items, I really wish I had neater handwriting and It is something that I am hoping to improve over the next few months, I’m hoping journalling helps to keep me focused on it.

So, on my bucket list I have:

  • Try a pumpkin spiced latte
  • Plant a fall garden
  • Drink hot chocolate with “the works”
  • Watch a firework display
  • Go running in the rain
  • Jump in a leaf pile
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Toast marshmallows in the fire pit
  • Make soup from scratch
  • Bake autumn cookies
  • Go trick or treating or to a halloween party
  • Pumpkin picking
  • Make pinecone bird feeders
  • Set up a “Pinterest worthy” autumn planner

Please don’t forget to check out the other ladies in this series and if you would like to join in then get in contact. What’s on your autumn bucket list?

Katy Evans 

Kelly Vizma 

Emma Smith 

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