30 Days of Harry Potter : Favourite Book

I love September, its one of my favourite months, it always seems full of hope and change and of course it reminds me of Harry Potter and is usually the month I start to rematch/re-read them. So I was over the moon when a friend of mine announced she was setting up a new series of daily blog posts and was looking for people to link up with her *waves hands and jumps up and down to be seen*

These are going to be relatively short posts and will run along side my other posts, I thought it would be a nice way for you guys to see why and what I love about Harry Potter.

Todays topic is : My Favourite of all the books. By far this has to be The Prisoner of Azkaban, I’m not sure if its because this was the first book I had to wait for (I was fairly late to the harry potter party and only discovered the books once 1 & 2 had been published)   and when they finished I was hungry for the third book and queued at midnight for its release. I also really felt the connection with Sirius Black and I think I even cried when our poor orphan Potter had a legal guardian and a bright future with him.

POA book.jpg

For me the third book seems to be the pivotal point in which the books take a darker turn, I’m not sure if its the films which have given me this impression or if I thought it at the time of reading the third book. In the film Harry appears a lot older and the scenes are a lot darker, or maybe its that Harry craves his independence and life away from Privet Drive, I know one thing for sure, writing this has made me want to crack open my potter case and re-read the books.

I hope you have enjoyed this and will come back for tomorrows instalment, leave me a comment with your favourite Potter book of all time and check out the posts from the other ladies in this series.



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2 thoughts on “30 Days of Harry Potter : Favourite Book

  1. I was late to Harry Potter too! I kept palming it off as kids stuff, then I saw the first movie by accident when I was channel surfing and I was hooked! The first four were published and I devoured them in 2 weeks and had to wait a month for Order!! I cried like a baby when Harry found Sirius! So many feels 🙂


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