30 Days of Harry Potter : House and Favourite Male Character

Oops, I’ve been a naughty girl and missed yesterday’s post, I’m so caught up in back to school preparation I have gone completly off track with everything.

So yesterday’s topic was our favourite male character, as soon as I read the topic I knew who I’d pick, but then I over thought the question and felt guilty to all the men in the pottersphere that I hadn’t picked…. Alas it says favourite and mine really is…

I love a bad boy who is secretly good and snape fits this bill perfectly, he stays loyal to Lily even after she has moved on and had a child with someone else, he then watches over that child and his final thought is of Lily, who wouldn’t want someone to love them like that? 

Today’s topic is which house would be choose, this won’t come as a shock but I was actually Prefect in Gryffandor, there will only ever be one house for me, it just so happens to be the best house…

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