Paperchase : Gothic Gardens

To celebrate ending the school holidays, without having a breakdown I decided to pop to my local Paperchase to stock up on college supplies.

My nearest store is Teeside Park which is relatively new, I must admit that although I love to look around Paperchase I rarely find anything that I really love, I usually “like” their products enough to buy them in the sale section but hardly pay full price, I find their products to “pink and fluffy” for my taste. As I walked in for a mooch the first stall I bumped into was the PurrMaids which, although many people love this range, it’s totally not for me.

Hiding behind this table I actually fell in love, smack bang in he middle of Paperchase! Their new Gothic Gardens range is too die for, it has just the right amount of black/colour/gold for me and the whole range stands out. Trevor had given me Β£30 to buy a new bag to carry my college supplies in and I had a really hard time choosing between the A5 planner and the bag, if I had had my full purse on me I would probably have brought both.


Seeing my as I really need a bag over a planner the bag one… For now..

It’s really stunning, I am studying 3 subjects and this bag will easily fit all the equipment and text books I need for each.

9 thoughts on “Paperchase : Gothic Gardens

  1. I love Paperchase, but same as you, rarely like something enough to pay full price for it. I bought the metallic shell bag from the Purrmaids range for my Daughter to use as her Nursery bag when I had a Β£5 off voucher. Its pretty cute, but no zips or organization inside so I wouldn’t have paid the Β£15 full price for it. The Gothic Garden planner is GORGEOUS though- you NEED it!


  2. I’m exactly the same, although must say I loved their Mystic Rose range.
    My daughter bought me some notebooks from this range the other week and I love them, even down to the small dragonfly embellishment. I’ve just ordered some bits myself as I got a Treat Me voucher for a free foldaway shopping bag so it would have been rude not to. Just need to wait until tomorrow for the delivery 😦


  3. I saw that range the other day and thought the dragon flies were stunning … but nah I like pink and fluffy so I got me a bright pink planner 30% off I was well chuffed … but aww yeah the money I saved likely went on the metallic gel pens my daughter said she neeeeeeeede … she’s a full on stationary geek . I figure it was easy to just give in then it justified me saying no to the pencil case she asked for in blooming squiggle or whatever the heck its called EIGHTEEN POUNDS … I aint got time for that !!! lol lol lol


    1. Hahahahaha Smiggle? I’ve never been in there before but they are one of the higher priced stationery suppliers on the high street I think.

      How is your planner? That was a bit of a splurge for you, even at 30% off wasn’t it? Did you have to sit down after haha


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