Plan My Week : Week 38 : Travellers Notebook

Its been a big change for me this week  and I am really excited about it. After using my Erin Condren planner for the past few months I’ve found I haven’t really been utilising it and, although I feel it in at the start of each week, I haven’t been actually referring back to it or using it.

My recent papergang notebook has been serving as my daily journal and whilst I have enjoyed using it, I’m finding that unless I am sat in my office at the end of the day ( a habit I am trying to get out of) I forget to write in that too.

After meeting with Emma at The Stationery Geekette recently and falling in  love with her Websters Travellers Notebook I decided to purchase one for myself, I chose the rose gold, mainly because it was the cheapest and I really wanted to see if it would fit my needs. The “Snitch” charm was from last months BookClub Box.

I love it!! At the minute I am hand drawing my inserts, as soon as I have a system that works for me I will design and print some day on 2 page custom inserts, currently my daily page looks like this…

The actual booklet I am using came from one of the Tiger £2 Travellers Notebooks which someone kindly purchased on my behalf, I’ve covered the booklet with contact paper from home bargains and have used the folder wallet which I will use to store notes in. I really like the idea of having my daily goals, schedule, to do list, fitness log and journal on the same page. Sometimes when writing in my journal I forget that, even though I may be feeling happy/angry/excited and may write about how I am feeling, I sometimes forget to write WHY I am feeling that way, having my journal entry on the same page as my daily routines will hopefully jog y memory when I later look back.

At the minute this system is working really well for me, but it is early days and I have yet to actually need it whilst I’m out, although I already tend to have this on me more than any other planner I have used to date.

To watch a walk through of my current set up on YouTube click HERE

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