30 Days of Harry Potter : Catch Up

I know, I know, I’m a bad blogger and I need to go straight to the sin bin! I really was excited about this challenge, and still am, I just haven’t gotten around to posting daily like I am meant to. I had considered switching to posting on Instagram but I really want to post on my blog, so I thought I would just post every few days and cover all the topics I have missed when I do.

Favourite Female Character:

Without a shadow of a doubt it is Professor McGonagall, not only is she head of the best house at Hogwarts she if firm, fair and loyal.



Favourite Subject at Hogwarts:

Defence against the dark art. For sure!! I can just imagine myself there battling my class mates in a duel and learning how to torture people haha, anyone would think I was #teamslytherin!

Least Favourite Character:

Peter Pettigrew aka Wormtail!! The sneaky little ratboy gave away Lily and Jame’s safe house to Voldemort which led to their death, although without that series of events we would never have the whole story of Harry Potter, but still I despise the character. I think he is played very well by Timothy Spall, and I have nothing against him as an actor, but If i crossed paths with him I think I would be inclined to hit him with what ever (hopefully heavy) object I had win my hand at the time.

Horcruxes or Hallows:

Hallows!! Who wouldn’t want the power that they bring? Yes you’d probably be ruined for life and the power would go straight to your head, loosing you your friends and your family and probably your soul… But you’d be invincible, you’d be able to resurrect the dead (Alan Rickman, you’d be first on my list), become invisible, have the all mighty elder wand!!

Character you relate to the most:

Ron Weasley, simply because out of all my friends i’m the slightly awkward one who is happy to let others take centre stage. I have always got their backs and support them in whatever they chose to do (and bare the brunt of the fall out when it, inevitably, goes wrong). I’m loyal, passionate and have crazy hair, my mum is also just as bonkers as Mrs Weasley too.

Top 5 Potter quotes:


Which moment gets you right in the feels?

So so many!! The one that sprang instantly though was “You’re a wizard Harry” to me it signified hope and the end of suffering. It is the first point in the books where anything positive has happened to Harry and the start of his great adventure.

But the moment that has me blubbing like a baby is “Always” I am a hopeless romantic and I still cry every time I watch/read it.


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