Plan My Week : Week 39 : Websters Pages

I have been really loving the set up in my Websters pages rose gold travellers notebook, the only thing I wasn’t happy with was the colour. Now don’t get me wrong it is stunning, but the weather changed this week and I really fancied a autumnal planner! I’d set my eye on the walnut Websters Pages Travellers and purchase it from Amazon for £35.

Inside I’m using the inserts from last week, which I am currently hand drawing as I’m playing around with the layout, a lot! This week I’m trying a day on one page.

As well as changing the daily pages, I’ve also changed the layout of the weekly oberview page. I prefer it a lot more like this and I think it will be a format I use again in the future.

I have filmed an unboxing and set up of this planner and will upload the second part tomorrow, now that I am fully moved in!



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