6 Months to Change My Life : Week 1

A few people in the UKPA planner group had been talking about a challenge they had set themselves, it had me intrigued, so when they opened the group again to start the 2nd 6 month phase I requested to join.

The concept is simple and brilliant, you set yourself realistic, obtainable goals and targets and we support and encourage each other.

I’ve been stuck in a rut for a few months now, with Weightloss, gym and creativity, so this has come at the perfect time, they say doors open when you least expect them and I’m a great believer in that!

So my goals;

These are screen shots of the pictures I posted in the group.

The steps that I have started to implement have already made a big difference and I’m feeling really positive, I’m taking it in small steps and I will share those steps and how things are going with you.

What would be your goals to change your life in 6 months? 

Peace and love,

Michelle aka Ugly Bug xx

5 thoughts on “6 Months to Change My Life : Week 1

  1. This is such a great idea Michelle, I finished my degree in July and didn’t get enough points to start Teacher Training in October so now I’m like “What do I do now?”. Maybe I should set myself some short term goals to research my options. Your goals seem very achievable, good luck! Stay Positive!!

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  2. Thank you, it really helped me to focus and I feel so positive now. I also have these target pages in my monthly calendar insert in my TN, I put them at the end of March so I’m constantly working towards them. I always find that when you write things in the start of the month I never look back at them x

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