Plan My Week : 31/10/2016-06/11/2016

Where on earth did November come from? I’m actually quite sure that it was just a week or so ago that the kids went back from the holidays and now they are just about to start back for Autumn half term… Life goes crazy quick when you have children!

You have probably guessed what is about to come, in fact if you are still here reading this then maybe you are here because you like the direction my layouts have been taking?

After changing up my layout last week, to the “bullet journal” type layout I found my planning to be productive and efficient, things got ticked off from the list and I actually ended the week feeling accomplished (that’s saying something in half term week).

Ok, things happened that were genuinely out of my control and I couldn’t tick some things off the list but I’m ok with that, I found a solution and moved on! I even managed to make a start on somethings I had planned for this week coming!

Feeling inspired I headed to Pinterest and “borrowed” some ideas to come up with a layout that “made my heart happy”…. Not the prettiest, not a sticker in sight and not a single f given!! I.LOVE.IT!!!

The key at the bottom is one I’m going to carry through now and the green/red colour coding is for money in vs out which I mark with a dot over in the day box.

I love that it’s easy to read and I have everything to hand but I think I might go for a typical “bullet journal” layout next week rather than the boxes.

To view the corresponding video click HERE!

If you have any bullet journal blogs or YouTube channels then leave them in the comments and I will be sure to check them out.
P.s I got right to the end before mentioning my UglyDori, did you think I’d forgot?


My Week : Changing it up

Ok so I know I already posted a “Plan My Week” at the beginning of this week, and I know that usually once you have planned or the week ahead you normally don’t need to complete the same week again until the following week, for some reason the week just wasn’t working for me! 

Planning is, for me, a way to keep my home/work/study/blog organised, to see what is coming up and any tasks I need to complete. It keeps me functioning and, when used properly, I run more efficiently.

I know that for lots of people the use of stickers and decoration play a massive part in the planner journey and I love to look at all the pretty spreads, for me though I find a highly sticker page clogs my brain and makes me feel “busy” even on one of my less active weeks.

I tried using functional stickers this week to highlight important tasks but every time I opened the page, something I have made a habit as soon as I sit with my first cup of coffee in the morning, I quickly felt overwhelmed and found I became reluctant to look at it again.

On Tuesday I decided that I didn’t have to live out this week in my Travellers Time insert if it wasn’t working for me, no one is forcing me to stick to a layout that isn’t working for me and apart from a few stickers and one sheet of paper I had nothing to lose.

I flipped the page and drew out my alternate layout, it’s slightly BUJO style with a week on one page (WO1P) and the right hand page being for To Do’s and To Buys.

Finally I have a system that is working out for me again, yes it’s rough and not pretty but it’s doing what I need it to do, the page is uncluttered and tells me exactly what I need to know. I can see everything I need to accomplice this week and can prioritise from the list every day. 

This is my “Key” system at the minute which I found on a YouTube video, alas I cannot now remember who’s. I have some simple colour coding this week but next week it’s something I am going to try to fully implement from next week.

One of my goals for the next 6 months is to improve my handwriting and as this is a whole page of just my writing I really am going to crack on with practicing.

I suppose the moral of this story is that something that works for one person won’t necessarily work for you, take ideas from lots of places, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to name a few, and adapt them in ways that work for you… I’m off to Pinterest for bullet journal ideas for next week.


Unboxing : Studio Calico : Story Board Kits : Documenter, Planner and Scrapbook : October 2016

SO this month I was lucky enough to receive a code into my inbox, from Studio Calico themselves, inviting me to try their kits for only $8. I was unsure if it would be valid as I have tried them in previous months but the code worked, yay!! I managed to bag myself the Documenter, Planner and Scrapbook kits and I must say I love them, these are by far my most favourite kits so far.

The colours and theme of these kits, this month, comes across as very positive and although I love autumn it is nice to have a kit that is different to other boxes this month, I must admit I’m over halloween and fall now and cannot wait to get into Winter… someone kindly remind me of that in a month or 2!!

You all know I’m a bit of a tight arse and won’t be surprised to know that I wouldn’t pay full price for any of the kits, but whilst I am paying under ÂŁ10 for each kit I think its a bargain.

As normal I have uploaded the unboxing videos to my YouTube channel, If you are thinking of subscribing then I would suggest going to their website first and checking out if they have any codes going, delivery was super quick, under 2 weeks, and I am going to be able to create so many wonderful things with them.

To view the unboxing of the PLANNER kit click HERE!!

To view the unboxing of the DOCUMENTER kit click HERE!!

To view the unboxing of the SCRAPBOOK kit click HERE!!


Plan My Week : UglyDori :Hand Drawn Travellers Times Inserts : Ugly Bug Stickers

I utilised the monthly overview stickers in this weeks layout, I originally designed them to fit the MO2P in the Erin Condren Life Planner but as I no longer have one I figured I’d used the days of the week and the date dots for my weekly spread.



I really love the way I have split the page for “Today” – which I’m planning on using for appointments and reminders and “To Do” which is pretty self explanatory. I’ve used the stickers from last months Ugly Bug Subscription Box, and while I love the overall look I think next week I’m going to try a simpler layout with more of a Bullet Journal style.

Halloween being on a Monday this year has really pickled things up, I’m in a dilemma of decorating next week for Halloween and the end of October (which means I get to use my favourite mushroom Washi for another week) or to jump straight into Novembers subscription box…. What would you do?

To watch the process video for this week click HERE!!


Plan My Week : UglyDori : BUJO Inserts

To say that I am loving life in my Ugly Dori would be an actual understatment! I love how everything is in one place and I literally have my whole life to hand.. I’ve even put my debit cards in the back as I carry her more than my purse.

UglyDori – Regular

This week I have made a laminated dashboard and some bookmarks so that I can flip straight to today’s page without losing paperclips from the top as I go.

I’m currently in a black (8 Ball) with hot pink stitching and elastics. She is super hot 🙂

I’ve gone back to drawing my inserts, I love being able to change my spread weekly so that it is really tailored to my needs.

I even managed a bit of decorating this week, using the Thumbelina Prints sticker kit that we received in our UKPA goodie bags.


The Versatile Blogger Award

Ok so this is totally off topic for me, but you’ve come to expect that from me by now, right? I was nominated in The Versatile Blogger Awards by the lovely Billie, thank you sweetie. This is the first tag/link up I have participated in, like Billie I would love to do more but have very few “blogger friends” to nominate me, massive hint dropped there fellow bloggers!

So, the rules of the tag are:

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Share the award on your blog
  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Choose 10 bloggers with less than 1000 followers
  • Notify them on social media


I talk so much that I don’t think there are 7 facts about me that most of you don’t know already but i’ll delve into the deep, dark recess of my brain:

  1. I joined the army when I was 18, I loved it and was the fasted girl in my platoon to strip, clean and reassemble an SA80. I went right through basic training before being injured, in the last week, then medically discharged.
  2. Getting married and having babies was never part of my plan for the future, until I met my husband, we were engaged within 3 months and married after 10 months, we have been together 10 years now; despite everyone only saying we’d not last a year!
  3. My husband and I met while we were both training as Scuba diving instructors in Cyprus, we lived in Cyprus twice.
  4. I was born in Kingston Upon Thames, grew up in Stevenage in Hertfordshire and now live in Stockton on Tees in the North East of England.. I have a very southern accent… my children sound very northern.
  5. Since leaving school, with terrible GCSE results, I have gained qualifications in hairdressing, nutrition, pet care, first aid, scuba diving and am currently studying maths, english and accounting.
  6. My long term goal is to live on a farm and be self sustainable, I would love to home school my children but don’t have the confidence and would worry that I am holding them back.
  7. Back in my teenage years I used to watch the filming of Top Of The Pops every Thursday, I’ve seen lots of pop stars perform and met lots of the Eastenders cast too.

I would now like to nominate:

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Travellers Notebook : Release of the UglyDori

How excited am I??? Firstly a massive thank you to everyone who tuned in for my live launch of the UglyDori, over on Facebook. I was so nervous and we’d been working all day to have the first TN ready,  We had several of the old style but I did not feel happy offering them for sale until the spine he been reinforced.

For those of you that haven’t the foggiest clue what I’m waffling on about…. Last night at 7pm (gmt) I went liv in the Ugly Bug Does Facebook group to announce the launch of the UglyDori and to showcase it for the very first time!

To say we were blown away by the response is an understatment, we had several orders come through (which means they won’t be listed on etsy Monday as planned, they will be launched towards the end of the week). Dispatch time is 1-2 weeks but we will do everything we can to reach the lower end of the delivery timescale.

So, what is an UglyDori? Anyone familiar with the terms “travellers notebook, Midori” and suchlike will probably have guessed, but for those who haven’t.. An UglyDori is a handmade, genuine leather notebook/planner cover. Ours come in 2 sizes Pocket and Regular, they come wide as standard to allow stuffing of several inserts into the planner. Some other features are;

4 elastics

Reinforced spine (inside)

Name/initial stamped to front

Pen loop

1 full pocket and 2 half pockets to both front and back cover

Your choice of leather colour (hand dyed with eco friendly dye)

Premium leather

Completely hand cut, dyes, stitched and finished – no machines are used to make these in any way

Free leather charm

They are made with 1.2-1.6 MM. leather but due to the 3 layers of leather at either pocket and the reinforced spine the majority of the planner is nearly 3mm. From all the different thicknesses of leather we tried, this option worked the best. The leather has a floppy, pliable yet sturdy feel. The stitching is done by hand using premium, waxed, tiger thread.

These are the very start of the UglyDori line and we welcome any suggestions for improvements and custom orders.


Tutorial : How to make dashboards for a Travellers Notebook

A few people, via social media, have asked how I made the dashboard that sits in the front and back of my travellers notebook. I promised that I would sit and film a tutorial and I finally managed to film, edit and upload it. It actually came as perfect timing as I wanted to make my lovely friend one for her TN.

I think they make a lovely accessory to the planners and give you extra storage in the front and back without having to make extra pockets, I use my front pocket for post it notes and the back for stickers.

Most importantly these can be made cheaply and allow you to change the papers out as often as you like, something which the laminated dashboards don’t allow with ease. The down side to these are that they are not as durable as the laminated dashboards, but for a few pence each, I can live with that!


These are the tools needed to make the dashboard, I used a Fuse Tool and a paper trimmer but you don’t need them, you could also hand stitch the pockets.

This is the end result. The top of both the pockets open which allows the papers inside to be changed easily and doubles up as storage for stickers or important letters etc.

To view the tutorial click HERE!


Plan My Week : New Set Up

Ok I lied, well told a little “mis truth”, last week when I told you I was happy with my current set up and the daily inserts were working perfectly.. Well they   stopped working so well, or I fancied a change, I can’t remember which. It might just have been the abundance of stickers we revcieved In our goodie bags this week that made me want to move over to something I could decorate. Whatever it was, it lead me to change my whole set up so that in my travellers notebook I now have my monthly insert and a weekly insert.

I couldn’t find a black pen to mark the boxes and the lines came out a little wonky but I’m super pleased that the stickers fit, priorities and all of that. The thing that I struggle the most with is ToDo lists, I forget to carry the tasks over and then they slip into the abyss that is my brain when I’ve forgotten to do something. I figured with this layout I can have a running list that I can add to all week and tick things off as I go, I’m starting a new morning routine this week so, each day, I will pick the 3 most important things from the list and make completing them my main priority (does adding “eat chocolate, drink coffee and browse social media” count as cheating?)

oodlemadoodle planner stickers, simple heart planner clips, ugly bug, uglybugdoes ,  ugly bug does planner
My weekly layout

So I’ve pimped this week out with a sticker kit from the UKPA goodie bag that was kindly donated by Oodlemadoodle, I will for sure be checking out some more of their stickers in the future. I also received these gorgeous clips from Simple Heart and I love them so much!!! 


My Crafty Week #2 – 01.10.2016

This week has been an array of emotions, I’ve laughed, cried and been everything in between. It all boils down to the UKPA Big Meet and the preparation I’ve been doing to have all my stock ready for the big day. Due to all the preparation I haven’t really had a very crafty week so far, I haven’t even started last weeks Project Life and have barely had time to make anything.

I was hoping to have the prototype for the new Travellers Notebook range that we hope to be launching very soon, unfortunately its not quite ready and I want it to be perfect before anyone has a peek at her.

I have made some leather charms, which will be available on my Esty store, all hand stamped and finished and fully customisable.

A custom, leather, planner charm
Custom, Leather, Hand Stamped planner charm for a TN, Travellers Notebook Charm, planner charm, midori charm, uglybugdoes charm,
A custom, leather, hand stamped planner charm

I’ve also filmed an Art Journal process video which, although the “art” is far from perfect and actually looks quite comical, the actual page has a lot of meaning to and is very significant to me.

There will be lots of crafting this week as I catch up with Project Life, journal the big meet and celebrate the start of October!