Plan My Week : New Set Up

Ok I lied, well told a little “mis truth”, last week when I told you I was happy with my current set up and the daily inserts were working perfectly.. Well they   stopped working so well, or I fancied a change, I can’t remember which. It might just have been the abundance of stickers we revcieved In our goodie bags this week that made me want to move over to something I could decorate. Whatever it was, it lead me to change my whole set up so that in my travellers notebook I now have my monthly insert and a weekly insert.

I couldn’t find a black pen to mark the boxes and the lines came out a little wonky but I’m super pleased that the stickers fit, priorities and all of that. The thing that I struggle the most with is ToDo lists, I forget to carry the tasks over and then they slip into the abyss that is my brain when I’ve forgotten to do something. I figured with this layout I can have a running list that I can add to all week and tick things off as I go, I’m starting a new morning routine this week so, each day, I will pick the 3 most important things from the list and make completing them my main priority (does adding “eat chocolate, drink coffee and browse social media” count as cheating?)

oodlemadoodle planner stickers, simple heart planner clips, ugly bug, uglybugdoes ,  ugly bug does planner
My weekly layout

So I’ve pimped this week out with a sticker kit from the UKPA goodie bag that was kindly donated by Oodlemadoodle, I will for sure be checking out some more of their stickers in the future. I also received these gorgeous clips from Simple Heart and I love them so much!!! 

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