Tutorial : How to make dashboards for a Travellers Notebook

A few people, via social media, have asked how I made the dashboard that sits in the front and back of my travellers notebook. I promised that I would sit and film a tutorial and I finally managed to film, edit and upload it. It actually came as perfect timing as I wanted to make my lovely friend one for her TN.

I think they make a lovely accessory to the planners and give you extra storage in the front and back without having to make extra pockets, I use my front pocket for post it notes and the back for stickers.

Most importantly these can be made cheaply and allow you to change the papers out as often as you like, something which the laminated dashboards don’t allow with ease. The down side to these are that they are not as durable as the laminated dashboards, but for a few pence each, I can live with that!


These are the tools needed to make the dashboard, I used a Fuse Tool and a paper trimmer but you don’t need them, you could also hand stitch the pockets.

This is the end result. The top of both the pockets open which allows the papers inside to be changed easily and doubles up as storage for stickers or important letters etc.

To view the tutorial click HERE!


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