Plan My Week : UglyDori :Hand Drawn Travellers Times Inserts : Ugly Bug Stickers

I utilised the monthly overview stickers in this weeks layout, I originally designed them to fit the MO2P in the Erin Condren Life Planner but as I no longer have one I figured I’d used the days of the week and the date dots for my weekly spread.



I really love the way I have split the page for “Today” – which I’m planning on using for appointments and reminders and “To Do” which is pretty self explanatory. I’ve used the stickers from last months Ugly Bug Subscription Box, and while I love the overall look I think next week I’m going to try a simpler layout with more of a Bullet Journal style.

Halloween being on a Monday this year has really pickled things up, I’m in a dilemma of decorating next week for Halloween and the end of October (which means I get to use my favourite mushroom Washi for another week) or to jump straight into Novembers subscription box…. What would you do?

To watch the process video for this week click HERE!!

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