Competition : Win an UglyDori Travellers Notebook and Accessories

Seeing as it is Christmas coming up and we love the festive season we have decided to host another giveaway, this time for a custom made, regular size, UglyDori with accessories from some amazing shops.

The UglyDori will be made in which ever colour you chose, it comes with 4 elastics and pockets to the front and back. You can see the listing for the UglyDoris here!

Some of my favourite Etsy shops have contributed:

HazyDaysUk is contributing a super cute christmas countdown sticker set and £10 store credit

Toni at FabPlannerPrint has sent some amazing planner sticker kits which are the perfect size to fit the travellers notebooks.

Lisa at My Pretty Week will be adding some inserts so that you can get fully set up and using your TN straight away.

Also included is £15 Etsy store credit from the lovely Jo at Little Rainbow Moon 

There may be a couple of other stores contributing too and I will add this as soon as they confirm.

The competition ends on on the 30th November and the winner will be drawn on the 1st December at 6pm GMT, open to entrants in the UK only.

Enter Here!!


Unboxing : Custom Harry Potter UglyDori Travellers Notebook

I know it’s easy to blow your own trumpet and I’m immensely proud of Ugly Bug Does and how far we have come this past year, the launch of the UglyDori has been amazing and we love seeing them in action.

Literally each one that leaves us I could keep, I’ve loved them all and have been quite content to use my regular size UglyDori the whole time.

Trevor (the craftsman behind all the leather work at Ugly Bug Does) had let slip that he was working on something special for me, the few hints I had made me believe it would be Harry Potter inspired but that was it. I was so intrigued!

We have loved watching everyone’s unboxing together and Trevor knows how much I love filming so when my surprise was ready he told me to get ready to film and passed me a packaged wrapped in tissue paper with a washi heart… I’m impressed he knows what washi is!!

To say I’m in love is an understatement, it’s pure perfection and there is nothing that I would change on it.    

The boy done good!! He is most definitely on Santas Nice list.

We have had lots of enquiries about producing these and other custom TNs for sale and are currently asking people to email us at or contact us via our ETSY.


My Crafty Week : Happy Mail : Art Journalling

Last year I used to send lots of “happy mail” to various pen pals and one off swaps, I even had a Facebook group dedicated to swapping pocket letters and other forms of snail mail.

Unfortunately it kind of fissled out and I hadn’t sent any for a long time!

When Octobers Studio Calico Kits hit my doormat I really wanted to create something with it. It was so lovely.

At the same time I was having some problems with some equipment and another Etsy seller helped me out so I wanted to send her a small thank you, a TN book mark.

I had no idea how it would turn out, there are a few things I would do differently next time but overall I love how this turned out and was really pleased with it. The little envelope in the middle contains the gift and the flap at the side lifts up to reveal a note.

At the time I made this I said I’d love to send more, alas I’ve not gotten round to it… maybe once the house is sorted this weekend I’ll have another go!

To view the Set up video of the above happy mail click HERE!!

Recently I took the kids pumpkin picking (you can tell how long it’s been since my last catch up!) I wanted to create a page in my art journal as well as a Project Life page. I’d seen some amazingly creative pages on YouTube and decided to have a go at drawing something myself.

I’m no artist but I do love to try and I am super happy with how this page turned out!!! Again it is something I am desperate to try again, I need to set aside some crafty time!!


Review/Unboxing :

Last week I received my delivery from, I ordered about 2 weeks before delivery and chose a custom cover of some pictures I had taken.

The lovely people at kindly gave us a code each (the 4 of us who are organising the Pamper and Plan event)  which covered the cost of this planner, £22.90, all comments and opinions are my own and have not been influenced by the fact that I’ve received it for free.

I chose a wide, hourly layout and was honestly amazed at how much you can customise. The website is very well laid out and easy to use and you can literally change every single box so that it suits you perfectly.

On the front and rear covers I selected pictures from my laptop and have my name on the bottom right of the front cover. 

I’m not sure why but I had a thought that it would be bigger and the sections are quite small, the whole planner is the size of a5 paper so it makes it a perfect size for carrying around.

The print quality is fantastic and the colours are really vibrant, it comes with a plastic wallet insert which I have used to store the functional stickers which also come with the planner.

For the price point I would have absolutely no issues in purchasing a Personal Planner in future and am excited to start using her in January.


Competition : Christmas Planner Winner

For some reason, this clever cookie, set the competition time for 12am this morning. Obviously I would have loved to stay up and annouce the winner then but…. I like sleep too much ha.

So at 7am this morning I used the rafflecopter widget to draw a random winner. 

Thank you all for taking part, I’ve loved reading your comments on what you most love about Christmas.

I will be hosting another giveaway which will start on Monday morning, so make sure you check back for that.

Congratulations Lisa Parker who has already emailed me to claim her prize which will be on its way this weekend! 

Thank you to Hannah of Plan With Hannah for providing the Christmas planner inserts for this competition.


Confessions of a Plannerholic : Top Planner Blogs

I’m back on the “Confessions of a Plannerholic” series, I haven’t posted in the past couple of weeks as the posts we slightly off topic for my blog, I love this series and there are an amazing bunch of ladies involved but I think from now on I will only join in when the posts are on topic (or when I can bend them to be on topic) with my blog content.

I really though I would struggle with todays post as I don’t actually read that many blogs (or so I thought), but as soon as I sat down to write I realised that there are plenty of blogs that I go to when I am after information or inspiration.

Before I even set eyes on this beautiful being and along time before she knew my name, I’d been reading the blog of Geraldine Jayne. Her blog is inspiration, creative and full of positivity, It is my go to blog when I am lacking in confidence or motivation!

For any planner questions and for plenty of free printable I look to Steve Morton and his blogs Philofaxy and Travellers Notebook Times, there is a wealth of information on them and he has some amazing guest writers, he also links on topic posts from around the blogosphere every week, its like a one stop information stop.

My inspiration for TN printable’s comes from My Life All in One Place, he has links to free printable’s and also tutorials showing you how to print and cut your pages. Its a fantastic place to start if you are new to the TN world.

Obviously I have to mention The Stationery Geekette, I read everyone of her posts and have seen her blog blossom. In fact I read all of the girls blogs who contribute to this series!

Don’t forget to check out the posts on todays topic from the other ladies in this series:

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Plan My Week

I was so excited to set my week up that I actually pencilled this spread in on Thursday. I’m totally in love with bullet journaling and have discovered a few # on Instagram that are full of bullet journal goodness.

I’m still not feeling the need to use stickers but a bit of washi tape did make an appearance this week and I used my planner stencil a whole lot on this layout!

My favourite thing about it is the simplicity, as long as I follow the “key” I should remember everything and get tasks done.

The “count your macros” quote is a reminder to myself to stay on track with a healthy diet As I’m back training this week and am hoping to lose 2lb a week before Christmas.

I’ve added a a slew tracker this week, to track the babies sleep, I’m hoping to get her back into a routine over the next 6 months. 

My UglyDori was getting a tad chunky for my autum dashboard, so I moved her into the back 4 books and added this plastic card wallet/zip pouch. It has card slots (which I’ve filled with washi for now as I can’t find my debit card) and a big pouch on one size and a zipped wallet in the back.


Unboxing/Review : Rapesco 6 Hole Planner/Organiser Punch

The lovely people at Rapesco sent me their new 6 hole punch to review for them, I did receive this free for the purpose of this review (and over on my YouTube channel) but all opinions are my own, apart from the actual product I have not received any financial compensation in exchange for this review!

I had seen the new punch on a few blogs (Mrs Brim and The Stationery Geekette) so when Rapesco got in touch and asked if I would like to review one I jumped at the chance.

My old black Rapesco punch has done a grand job over the past year or so but this new version is jam packed with updated features and I couldn’t wait to get my grubby little mitts on it.

The first thing I noticed when unboxing it is the “lock” function which locks the handle in the down position making it totally convenient for storage, the last one spent its life on my shelf and I’m sure this one will too, but at least it’s flat lol.

There are printed guides under the handle which allow you to see the paper type you ar set to cut (something I didn’t realise until the end of filming when I’d already worked out the settings for myself, what am I like lol). You can also move the holes over without taking the bottom flap off which is very convenient.

My favourite feature has to be the little flap that allows you to empty all the confetti out without taking the whole thing apart, I’m not sure why it’s my favourite part, small things and all of that!

The biggest improvement is the way you actually punch your paper, for most planner sizes you just slide the holes over to your desired size and punch, for A5 you pull out the paper guide, line the holes up with the A5 setting, put your paper up to the guide and punch, you then flip your paper and punch again. This is a million times better than the old way and, if I didn’t already own this new one, I would not hesitate replacing my old punch with this one!

I have the white version but they also come in blue and pink, they can punch upto 10 sheets of paper at a time. I’m not sure what price they will retail at or when they will be available, as soon as I have that information I will let you know.

Thank you Rapesco for sending me this punch.

To see my video review/unboxing please click HERE!


Competition : Win a Christmas Planner

Well its official, I am that much in love with my TN set up that I no longer love, use or need my ring bound planner… well thats not strictly true, I do use one and will be blogging about how i use rings and TN’s together… but that’s for another day!!

I have decided that, rather than see this beautiful christmas planner sit unloved on my shelf, I would like to give it away. It is the personal size planner with dividers and magnetic page markers made by My Pretty Week (which I won in the UKPA raffle), there are stickers from my shop, washi samples and a brand new set of Christmas inserts from the lovely Hannah at Plan With Hannah.

The competition lasts until the 10th November when I will draw a winner using the rafflecopter random generator. Competition open to UK only, to enter please click the link below!

Personal Size Christmas Planner Giveaway

Video of me originally setting the planner up can be found HERE!