Plan My Week

I was so excited to set my week up that I actually pencilled this spread in on Thursday. I’m totally in love with bullet journaling and have discovered a few # on Instagram that are full of bullet journal goodness.

I’m still not feeling the need to use stickers but a bit of washi tape did make an appearance this week and I used my planner stencil a whole lot on this layout!

My favourite thing about it is the simplicity, as long as I follow the “key” I should remember everything and get tasks done.

The “count your macros” quote is a reminder to myself to stay on track with a healthy diet As I’m back training this week and am hoping to lose 2lb a week before Christmas.

I’ve added a a slew tracker this week, to track the babies sleep, I’m hoping to get her back into a routine over the next 6 months. 

My UglyDori was getting a tad chunky for my autum dashboard, so I moved her into the back 4 books and added this plastic card wallet/zip pouch. It has card slots (which I’ve filled with washi for now as I can’t find my debit card) and a big pouch on one size and a zipped wallet in the back.

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