Confessions of a Plannerholic : Top Planner Blogs

I’m back on the “Confessions of a Plannerholic” series, I haven’t posted in the past couple of weeks as the posts we slightly off topic for my blog, I love this series and there are an amazing bunch of ladies involved but I think from now on I will only join in when the posts are on topic (or when I can bend them to be on topic) with my blog content.

I really though I would struggle with todays post as I don’t actually read that many blogs (or so I thought), but as soon as I sat down to write I realised that there are plenty of blogs that I go to when I am after information or inspiration.

Before I even set eyes on this beautiful being and along time before she knew my name, I’d been reading the blog of Geraldine Jayne. Her blog is inspiration, creative and full of positivity, It is my go to blog when I am lacking in confidence or motivation!

For any planner questions and for plenty of free printable I look to Steve Morton and his blogs Philofaxy and Travellers Notebook Times, there is a wealth of information on them and he has some amazing guest writers, he also links on topic posts from around the blogosphere every week, its like a one stop information stop.

My inspiration for TN printable’s comes from My Life All in One Place, he has links to free printable’s and also tutorials showing you how to print and cut your pages. Its a fantastic place to start if you are new to the TN world.

Obviously I have to mention The Stationery Geekette, I read everyone of her posts and have seen her blog blossom. In fact I read all of the girls blogs who contribute to this series!

Don’t forget to check out the posts on todays topic from the other ladies in this series:

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