Unboxing : Custom Harry Potter UglyDori Travellers Notebook

I know it’s easy to blow your own trumpet and I’m immensely proud of Ugly Bug Does and how far we have come this past year, the launch of the UglyDori has been amazing and we love seeing them in action.

Literally each one that leaves us I could keep, I’ve loved them all and have been quite content to use my regular size UglyDori the whole time.

Trevor (the craftsman behind all the leather work at Ugly Bug Does) had let slip that he was working on something special for me, the few hints I had made me believe it would be Harry Potter inspired but that was it. I was so intrigued!

We have loved watching everyone’s unboxing together and Trevor knows how much I love filming so when my surprise was ready he told me to get ready to film and passed me a packaged wrapped in tissue paper with a washi heart… I’m impressed he knows what washi is!!

To say I’m in love is an understatement, it’s pure perfection and there is nothing that I would change on it.    

The boy done good!! He is most definitely on Santas Nice list.

We have had lots of enquiries about producing these and other custom TNs for sale and are currently asking people to email us at hello@uglybugdoes.com or contact us via our ETSY.

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