Merry Christmas & A More than Happy New Year 

Well we are back from our holiday break and the Etsy store is open, although we won’t be shipping orders until the 2nd January or replying to messages before the 28th December.

We have been blown away this year, not only with the shop sales but with the response on social media, this blog and YouTube too; 2017 is going to an exciting year for us and we have plans to expand…. but more on that in the new year.

I will be back with my first blog post of 2017 on the 2nd January.

Thank you for your support this year…. now go eat, drink and be merry..

Love from



Confessions of a Plannerholic: Christmas Bucket List

Hello…??? Is anyone there??? Or have you all left me because I have deserted you the past couple of weeks? ….. ahh good, I knew you lovely bunch wouldn’t leave me.

So I know it’s Sunday and I “should” be posting a Plan My Week post but to be honest lift is just crazy busy.. the kids have so many social engagements, the shop is busy and I’m trying to prepare for Christmas and a holiday…. it’s mental!

Because of how busy we have been I haven’t really had time to get crafty, in fact I haven’t even had time to set up my new art journal….boo!! 

I did manage to grab 20 minutes last night to start my Christmas bucket list… I know not everyone celebrates Christmas and that’s totally fine but we do and as we are going away over the holidays I really wanted a list of all the things we would like to do.

Now I really am no artist but I would love to learn how to draw, I googled “how to draw a Christmas tree” and this came up..

Edited to add… I totally should have posted this tomorrow as prt of the COP series and I got muddled.. all the other girls from the series will be posting their bucket lists in the morning so make sure you go and check theirs out!!

The Stationery Geekette
A Beautiful Plan 
Best Laid Plans
A Life Lived In Words
My Chaotically Eclectic Life
Pineapple and Button
Pennygate Crafts
Plan With Hannah

So I decided to give it a go!

I used my watercolour pencils and an aqua brush and although I’m not blown away by the finished article I am happy with it…. now I just need to fill in my actual list (Vin Diesel, The Rock and Paul Walker kept me far to occupied last night to finish it.)

I went totally old school on the lettering, I used to love bubble writing in my books, in fact I think my whole GCSE art folder was full of it haha.


Competition : UglyDori & Accessories .. UNCLAIMED

So I recently wrote and announced the competition winner for the UglyDori and accessories.. the original post is here and the winner announcement here.

In the email to the winner I informed her (as is standard with my competitions) that she had 48 hours to claim her prize via emailing me back.. unfortunately she hasn’t done so and we are now days over the time limit.. I tried to track her down via Facebook but couldn’t… so the prize will be redrawn on the 6th December 2016 at 10 am (GMT) over on my Facebook page.. I will announce the winner in tomorrows post.

Good luck to those who entered.



Competition : UglyDori Winner

Looks like I made a bit of a boo boo…. I totally missed the date to draw the winner of the competition and ended up drawing it late.

I really wanted to draw it live on Facebook but the website I use shows the email address of the winner so I had to switch the camera angle… I think for next weeks competition I’ll use a different website lol.
So the winner of the custom UglyDori and accessories was drawn on my Facebook page last night. I have emailed  the winner and she has 48 hours from yesterday to claim the prize before it is redrawn.

Don’t forget to come back on Tuesday and try your luck again.