A6 Traveler’s Notebook set up and Studio Calico Unboxing

I am absolutely loving life in my A6 UglyDori, the inserts from @annieplansprintables work well for me (although I’m not a fan of the fold out pages) but my whole set up just didn’t have my heart singing with joy!

I knew my Planner Society kit from Scarlet Lime Crafts would be arriving soon and hoped that I could pimp my planner out with that!

Then my studio calico scrapbooking kit hit my doormat and I fell in love,  I’m not  normally a floral girl but the florals in this are bold and colourful, the colour palette both clash and compliment each other at the same time and looking at the whole kit together I could literally feel spring bursting from the pages!

I knew as soon as I opened it what the first project would be and I am so pleased I did. I filmed the unboxing and first part of my planner set up which you can see HERE, unfortunetly I have managed to misplace the second half of the footage..

In my eagerness to craft this sensational kit into something wonderful for my UglyDori I also forgot to take any pictures of the whole kit.. so today’s blog and video go hand in hand and by watching/reading them both you’ll get the whole picture haha.. I promise to be more careful with my footage in future and less eager to use the products so that I can snap a few pictures… who am I kidding, I’ll end up doing the same again next month haha.

I used 4 of the papers to create dashboards for my inserts, I had some gold foil stickers from simple stories that I placed on the blue cover and decided that this will be my positivity journal and that I’d write down all the positive things that happen to me every day.


Planner stickers, Washi and Ephemera unboxing/haul : Little Rainbow Moon on Etsy

At the beginning of January I placed an order, via Etsy, from Jo at Little Rainbow Moon, she had a code running and I’d been wanting some of her ephemera and stickers for a while.

Her shipping time was 2 weeks as she has children and they were off school for the holidays, we all know how chaotic that is right? 

So last week the postie handed me my envelope of delicious happiness, I didn’t realise what it was at the time so tore it open only to find that it was my order. The kids were screaming around me and I was one Muuuummmmmm away from eating my feelings in chocolate cereal! But that’s the perfect time to record an unboxing right?? Perfect timing indeed! 

First out the bag was the super stunning feather washi, although the word feather seemed to evade me. To match the washi I ordered the sticker kit, in personal planner size, to fit my a6 UglyDori and the matching ephemera pack.

I also ordered another sticker kit along with a sheet of feather stickers on transparent sticker paper and a galaxy ephemera pack… for no other reason than they are so stinking cute!! 

If you are into art journalling then you really have to check out Jo’s shop, the stickers and ephemera are her own stunning art work.

Planner Girls Collective : My Favourite Planner/Stationery Shops


Ok Ok I know I post about my favourite shops alllll the time, I always like to buy from small business as oppose to larger corporations, being a small business myself I know the value in each and every customer and I always try to spread my business.. the months I cannot afford to spend I try to help promote and drive sales to their shops.. I believe that building smaller businesses is best for everyone..

… so you know I’m going to mention @thegeekyplanner, @hazydaysuk and @allthingspaperuk right?? I’ve covered each of these (in detail) before so I won’t go into them now..

Being quite a tight arse I actually don’t purchase that much, Little Rainbow Moon is someone who I love her shop and we have recently done some collab work, I have a haul video coming this week from her store, I find that as she uses her own artwork it really stands out and sings to my soul.

I tend to buy all my art supplies from HobbyCraft or The Works, I love ECLP for actual planners but I must admit her accessories seem really high in price and I don’t have a spare kidney to sell to fund a shopping spree..

..Unfortunately Amazon usually wins in all areas, although they are not always the cheapest I do love my Amazon Prime.. I love that I can think of something one day and it per here the next.. yay for Sunday deliveries. Another plus with prime over snail mail is that my mail doesn’t actually arrive until about 7pm and even then a first class letter can take a week to reach me lol.

But when I am on a binge and want to bulk out my craft supplies I head to http://www.everycraftsapound.co.uk as they have some amazing bargains, even if it is old stock, they do have a minimum spend and delivery is a bit pricey (but i begrudge paying shipping at all now thanks to Amazon Prime haha).

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Unboxing/Set Up : All Things Paper Uk 

A few weeks back I put a post in a Facebook group, for other UK sellers, asking if anyone would like to swap store products. Sarah from All Things Paper UK replied and we arranged a swap.

After that I noticed on her Instagram page that she was recruiting Design Team members, I send an overly long message as part of the “application process” and this Monday I found out I’d been successful. I am over the moon to be working with Sarah!

What is a design team?? Well it is basically a few people selected by a business owner to show off their products, in this case it is Planner stickers.

Once a month Sarah will send each member of her DT a set of her newest stickers and we all help to promote them on social media, it helps to drive sales for a small business as people use them in different ways, I have opted for a ECLP vertical kit and although I rarely do a “full layout” I use the kits for memory keeping and in my a6 UglyDori which has AnniePlansPrintable inserts in it.

I received my swap from Sarah and knew I wanted to use this beauty and the beast inspired set right away so I used it in my memory planner. I have another kit that I will be using in the future… I filmed the unboxing and then add the process video to the end… to view that click HERE!

As soon as I scheduled this blog in I asked Sarah to write a few words about herself to introduce you all (I think you’ll be seeing more of her quite soon), this is what she had to say…..”I’ve always had a love of planning and stickers since being a little girl. I opened up allthingspaperuk so I could share my love with other planner addicts like myself and so that I could work from home and spend time with my beautiful 3 boys. I work hard to ensure I bring my customers the best quality, on trend, products at a really affordable price.. every girl needs a pretty planner right?” – Sarah @ allthingspaperuk (Don’t forget to use Michelle15 for a 15% discount, her “full sets” like the one I use in these pictures/video are only £10 + £1 p&p for the full set).

Unboxing : The Geeky Planner Stickers

By now you guys should know that Lea from The Geeky Planner is a real life friend of mine, we often support each other’s businesses and are arranging the Pamper and Plan 2017 event together.

Due to that fact I will keep any posts like this purely factional and will not be reviewing (as I think all her stickers are awesome).

Last week lea posted (in her Facebook group) that she had a new “friendship” sticker kit and as soon as I see it I knew I needed it, so I purchased the ECLP kit from her etsy shop.

They arrived a few days later, which I filmed the unboxing for, and OMG I love them they are so fun and bright yet leave enough space on my page to plan in!

We had arranged a small meeting just to catch up and finish a bit of P&P admin, whilst there I swooned after her new female hero and villain set, she asked if I’d take a lot of each (erm yeah ok, arm twisted) and have a play with a few different layouts.

Because I had already planned this blog and vlog I thought I’d use it as a chance to show case them to you.

If you are the smallest bit geeky then this will make that geeky little heart sing!!

I filmed the opening of these sets so that you can see them close up and exactly what is in each kit, to view that video please click HERE!

Above = The adorable Friendship Girls Personal planner kit is not yet listed but you can order the full kit with the link above. The personal kits are £3.00 which makes them £1.50 a sheet which is amazing.

The Boy Wizard personal set above is available for £3.00 for the 2 sheets.

The KonMari Method : My Office

I cannot tell you how much pleasure I am have in writing this blog post in my newly organised and tidy office/craft room. Funny story really as I hadn’t planned to do this room first at all, on Saturday morning I needed a birthday card for my sons friend, I knew I had the perfect one in my office but I just couldn’t remember where I had left it. That led to me pulling out one or two boxes and just needing to organise the rest.

All in all it took me nearly 5 hours.. but any paper crafter/planner/hoarder will tell you that, for a craft room that is not bad at all.

I went through it ruthlessly and anything that didn’t “spark joy” went into either the donate or the sell pile.

About half way through I lost the will to live and nearly gave up, the fact that I had an order sat on my desk that I had to complete yet no room to finish it spurred me on and I managed to see it through to the end.

My office is now a little sanctuary, it is by no means Pinterest perfect but when it comes to moving it is going to make it easier to create the exact space that i need to invoke creativity.

For next weeks Organisation and Productivity post I will be discussing (and recording for my VLOG) my miracle morning and sharing with you my current morning routine and my journey to the perfect morning.

Thanks for reading


Click HERE to view the corresponding video



Planner Girls Collective : Motivational Quotes


This weeks blog carnival topic is “Inspirational Quotes” now I’m sure we could all post a million pictures all with beautiful and meaningful quotes on them and I had considered that. Then I decided to go with, perhaps not the most motivational quote but the quote that motivates me the most (if that even makes sense) and that is “Work for free or for full price, NEVER for cheap” I’m not even sure who said it or where I first came across it but it really helps me in the days where I am feeling less than confident. Of course I do offers and sales in my shop but I refuse to work for less than my worth and I think that should be a rule we all live by.

That then led me to this, last year I designed some planner inserts (a5) and filmed them in a few different vlogs, someone reminded me the other day so I thought I would share them here as a free download, all I ask is that you do not use them for commercial purposes and if you do print and use them I’d love to see on social media using @uglybugplans. Please ignore the fact that they say 2016 as they are undated so can be used any year.






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