Journal With Me : 1 : Setting up my A5 UglyDori as a Creative/Art Journal

At the end of last year I asked Trevor to make me a custom A5 UglyDori that I could use as a creative/art journal, he done me proud (as always) and made this beauty.. it is extra symbolic as that skull on the front is the exact design of the tattoo on my arm šŸ˜ he’s a clever cookie!

It was always my intention to start using it in 2017 but I felt a bit stumped as I had a few different inserts, which were not A5, from last year which were quite empty and I didn’t want to feel like I was abandoning them. I even brought an A5 sketch book to doodle in whilst I tried to make up my mind.

So yesterday a migraine caused me to cancel all my plans and once I’d slept off the worst of it I began, as you do, watching YouTube for inspiration. 

Within an hour or 2 I was out of bed and in my (dimly lit) craft room, I’d remembered Octobers Studio Calico kits that I’d squirrelled away and knew they would be perfect.

I am really happy with the result, I have already decided that one of the A5 notepads will be a memory journal that I’ve already started setting up to record mine and Trevor’s relation ship. The other notebook is where I’ll jot down ideas for art/creative journals and make lists.

I’ve just signed up for the planner society kit and I cannot wait to receive my first one and have a go at setting up one of my other UglyDoris.

You can watch the process video HERE

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