Plan With Me : Week 3 : 15/01/217

Ok so this week has been crazy busy and I’ve been flirting here and there, the blog and blogs haven’t gone out as schedule but there is a vlog coming this week that will explain all so please bare with me.

I have recorded, and am uploading as I write this, the second instalment of the “Planning Efficiently” series which goes into detail of the Travellers Notebooks and their accessories, I will write the corresponding blog post during the week.

Going totally out of my comfort zone this week I designed a “full set” of planner stickers and have decorated my Recollections planner for the week ahead with it. I was so excited to start the week and use them but I am feeling a little overwhelmed already, it sure looks pretty but I just hope I don’t forget anything important haha.

I do have a lot going on this week so it might be why I’m feeling overwhelmed, so you decorate a “full week” if you do how do you draw the line between functional planning and decorating? 

Michelle xx

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