Something new…ish!

This is an announcement type post which there will be a few of in the next few days as I have lots of exciting things coming up. I had a little live chat in my Facebook group yesterday and gave a brief outline of what’s coming up.. if you want to watch that video you can join the group and view it HERE!

I’ll number them off so that I remember everything:

  1. You may have noticed from the changes on my blog that I have re-joined Stampin’ Up! as a demonstrator. This is mainly for my own benefit of the discount of products, I have always found that the quality of their products and the versatility is something I struggle to find in the UK, being a demonstrator means that I can order and distribute the products. Aside from you guys being able to order from my online store and join my team, if you wish.. there wont be that much change to my blog in general surrounding this. You have already seen me use their products many times and apart from leaving the links to the products in my posts everything else will remain the same.
  2. For all my scrapbooking ladies, there is an exciting new product coming very soon, a group of us have been brought together to create a hub of information for you guys.. we will be on Instagram, YouTube, Blog and Facebook.. there will be more information on this is the next few days.
  3. As well as Pamper & Plan and the ScotCon events that I am attending this year, we have just arranged to attend “Crafting Under Canvas” in June this year. It is a weekend event and the whole family will be catered for. We will be holding workshops for both papercrafts and Leather work which can be pre-booked.. If you’d like more information please see the Facebook page HERE!
  4. From next month I will be setting up a new monthly workshop, you will be able to pre-order “kits” that will be sent out in advance of the workshop and will be added to a secret group. The challenges will be fully adaptable to whatever paper craft you wish to use them for and there will be prizes at the end. As a trial run the numbers will be limited so I will start taking pre-bookings for this shortly. The price of the kits is likely to be £15 plus shipping but the RRP will be well over this amount. Due to this my planner kits HERE will still be available but there will no longer be the art/creative journaling add on.. this will replace that kit as I’d love to get more involved with you guys when you are using it.


…and that’s a wrap haha, I told you in December that this was going to be a busy year for us.. and that’s not even all yet.. next step WORLD DOMINATION!!

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