Public Service Announcement!!!!

I’ve never been one for making a mounting out of a mole hill (yeah right) so of course this is a massive announcement for a title like that ^^^^^…. well ok maybe not!!

Like a supple snake shedding its scaly skin I am shedding the albatross that has hung around my neck for the past 24 months.. I am finally changing broadband supplier to a provider who will hopefully not fob me off with “technical issues” and will supply me with the product they promise.. I am hoping that this is the end of me having to track downstairs with all my equipment to hard wire into the router every time I want to do more than browse the internet.

Tomorrow is change over day and although I will be filming my Feb Fav’s in the morning the blog and video may not appear online for a day or two.

Hopefully I will be back, faster than ever, on Wednesday!!


3 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement!!!!

  1. I swapped a few weeks back, who you gone with? I’ve gone from Talk Talk to Sky, goodbye 2007 speeds hello 2017. Gone from 6mb to 47mb for the same price. 6 hour video uploads are now uploaded in 16 minutes xx

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