3 month goal update, Shop news!!

At the beginning of this yea, as you do, I sat down with a notepad and pen and wrote myself out some targets for the next 3/6/9/12 months.. They weren’t particularly mega goals but they were the things I really wanted to achieve.. They were:

  • To grow my Blog, Youtube and Social media following
  • To balance work/life commitments
  • To build up UglyBugPlans and the UglyDoris so that it is earning a sustainable living
  • To be happy in what I am doing and create more

The first month went great, I had a plan for my blog and Youtube, I was creating content and engaging with followers. My work/life balance left a lot to be desired and as I build up the planner accessory side of the business my blog content and family time decreased, this made me sad!

I loved co-organinsing Pamper & Plan this year and struggled to find a decent Stampin’ Up! demo to come along and show off all the pretties.. so i went back to my old team leader and joined up again myself.. when I first started with Stampin’ Up! I joined for my love of their products.. I use them for scrapbooking and in my planner and I really missed the benefit of the discount you receive as an Independent Demonstrator. I joined as a “hobby demo” which means I order products for myself but don’t have it as a business.. that soon changed.

So here I was a few days back.. in front of my computer trying to bring myself to design some stickers when all I wanted to do was to make pretty things, a quick conference call to my SU team leader (who is bloody amazing by the way) and she gave me some pointers and tips on how I could achieve my targets and that was it, I knew that this how I want to progress my business.

From my blog and YouTube point of view you won’t see any difference at all..I will still be creating posts that are both paper based and Planner based.. but for our shop it sadly means that all planner accessories will be disappearing from our stock. We have some exciting new lines coming up for leather planners which will all be listed both on the etsy store and on our website. This month will be the last month that the planner kits are sold..

I am really excited about this change and I hope you are too, I am always looking to recruit new members into my team and to help coach you to building your own business.. if this interests you then please drop me a private message or use the link to be taken to the join up page.

Thank you for all your support over the past 9 months, I hope the next 9 are just as eventful.

Much love


3 thoughts on “3 month goal update, Shop news!!

    1. Aww thank you lovely.. it means a lot to me 🙂 I was really worried people would side eye the change but I’m following my heart and I love that I get to create again xx


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