First online workshop : well that went well!!

Talk about getting out of my comfort zone!! It’s one thing recording videos for YouTube where you don’t really know who will watch them, if anyone at all, yes you see the watch count go up but it’s just numbers: not actual people, right?

Well this weekend I hosted my first online workshop for Stampin’ Up! It went so well! This was a joint venture between the two of us and without Louise being there to post the challenges and keep me on track (yeah ok I may have missed 1 live video.. but I think I redeemed myself lol) it could have all gone to pot.

Before the weekend kicked off we had a few people contact us to say the kit wasn’t what they thought, I think they expected it to be more like the current scrapbook kits that are available at the minute, they didn’t realise that they were part of a weekend workshop, I think we managed to redeem ourselves… well I hope we did!

I don’t often speak openly about my anxiety and depression as I find I cope better when I face it in my own way, anxiety has been an issue these past few weeks but having these girls in the group and crafting with them this weekend has really done me wonders and I literally wish I could reach out and hug every one of them!! 

Tomorrow spaces for next months workshop go on sale, We will be using the pop of pink products and I have already started working on the projects! We’d love to know what you’d like to see made so few free to leave a comment down below and don’t forget to look out for tomorrow’s newsletter which will contain all the details about signing up for the next class!

5 thoughts on “First online workshop : well that went well!!

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this weekends workshop….I didn’t know what to expect and was a little anxious as “scrap booking” isn’t my thing! But the workshop covered so much more than I could have expected, I did a scrapbook layout but also I art journaled, used inks in ways I’d never done before, made PL cards and all in all had an amazingly relaxed weekend, I can’t recommend the workshop enough….Susie x


  2. I absolutely loved it. Learnt so many new things. Made my first ever scrapbook layout, journaling techniques, made a project life card, stamping techniques and became a massive fan of pocket letters. Loved it all, full of fun and games and even bingo. I even won a stampin’ up stamp set. I hope the next one will have the same variety xx 💗


  3. I had such an amazing weekend crafting with the supplied kit but most of all being involved in the workshop, the work and effort that went into this weekend was amazing.

    The tutorials and challenges were great, gave me some new skills to use going forward.

    As said above it is not just a kit your buying into but the workshop too and for this reason I will certainly be signing up for the next one.


  4. What a great idea. Was lovely to swap ideas and see how different we each took the prompts and came up with gorgeous layouts, art journals and tn folders. Thank Louise and Michelle for ‘re igniting my love for scrapbooks. The kit was lovely and can’t wait till the next one xx


  5. Loved the workshop. I don’t know when I last managed to spend time just crafting for me! Unfortunately events conspired against me and I ended up having to go away Saturday night for a job, but I still manages to do 2 12 by 12 pages, an 8 by 8 page, a mini album with box a tag and a bunch of journal cards… totally intend to catch up on the other challenges I missed. Xxx


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