IMG_3276I had planned on blogging yesterday, I had a series of unfortunate events happen.. including blocking my debit card in a petrol station when I had just filled my car up.. argh, nightmare!

At about the time I sat down to write my “pity party” post I noticed the BBC’s live newsfeed from Westminster… in an instant my worries became silly insignificances and I sat transfixed to the news.. now this blog is not the correct setting to go into my views about what happened so I’m not going to focus on that but it did make me realise how grateful I am to live a “charmed” life and, even though some months we don’t have much left once we’ve paid the bills, the bills are paid and there is food in the cupboard and clothes on our backs, our children are happy and healthy and I’ll be forever thankful for that!

Now how could I leave you guys out?? I am so thankful to everyone of you, you make my little business what it is and every recommendation, review and link you post helps my little brand to grow and be seen, so from the bottom of my heart, Thank You!!

My heart really does go out to everyone affected by yesterday’s (and any other) terrorist attacks, in the country and abroad.

Hugs xx








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