Planner Girl Collective : Why I Plan, Why I Started, My Journey!

ohhhhh boy… this may be a bit long and bits of this story you would have heard before but this will be the gritty version!

Ok so most planner girls will tell you that there planner journey started with the Filofax Funfax.. remember that?? I know right.. how amazing were all those facts and stickers.. I used to feel Uber smart and organised! There was nothing better than waking up on Christmas morning to find a new insert in my stocking.. I’m sure my mum and dad… opps I mean Santa..used to chose that present on purpose just to keep me quite.. I mean what planner girl can resist popping her inserts straight into the planner and filling out your details, Its still one of my favourite things to do with a new planner.. after I sniff it of course!

Ok so moving on past the point of being 10 years old.. I always tried to keep a journal (well diary as it was then called, when did journal replace diary? Is it an age thing?) but after the first few entries I forgot until the next year when I’d pledge to write in it each and every day, of course I never stuck it out, i’m not a habitual person so it never came naturally to me. I can never make up my mind if thats a good or bad thing, all that teenage angst and hormones haha.

So, in my 20’s now and I am still an undercover stationery addict, I worked in offices and there was nothing I liked more than organising the stationery cupboard. When I moved jobs and started working in a telecoms company part of my job was recruiting and we used agencies.. well they love to fight for your custom and plied me with stationery to my hearts content. One Christmas my rep brought me a planner, it was simple but I loved it! I used it every day that year and even though all our diaries were digital I had everything recorded in that planner.. no calling the office to find out appointment information when I couldn’t access my phone abroad.. win right there ha!

I can’t remember what happened to that planner but thats no surprise, seeing as I have moved country 4 times since then and had several houses. I’d always go into WHSmiths and Staples and eye up the planners though, the only thing that held me back was that I never seemed to have an interesting enough life to fill one.

After I had my children I started an online crochet company, I only sold a few things but having 3 children under the age of 2 and running a business had my head in a pickle! I actually stumbled across a Filofax domino, personal size, in Sainsbury’s for £2 and snapped it straight up. The inserts were out of date and as soon as I got in I started searching online to replace them, thats when I found this massive online planner and stationery community.. it was like finding my tribe!


Now days I have several planners that I use for a variety of functions, I have an Erin Condren Life Planner, A recollections planner, several UglyDori traveler’s notebooks and have recently started to collect Filofax Originals!

So thats my planner journey, I know it may seem a bit crazy and obsessive to those who don’t share our passion and we are often asked WHY we plan? I cannot answer for everyone but I plan for a few reasons. My memory is shocking, if its not written down its not happening so I have a master planner that literally everything goes in. Then I have my daily planner that i use a bullet journal style in, this helps me to break down my day and focus on important tasks, it is also my blog planner so that I know what I have coming up and what I need to prepare.

I also use planners as a memory keeping tool, I still don’t update it every day but I am a lot better than my teenage diary and these have no angst or hormones to be seen (well mostly none haha) I use it to bullet point the important events in that day that I might want to remember later on in life, a silly thing that the children have said or done or a milestone for myself, it is this planner that comes out every week when I sit to update my memory keeping and scrapbooking albums!

For me planning is therapeutic, I suffer with anxiety and having everything written down helps me to avoid anxiety attacks. It also helps when I feel an attack creating up on me, i pull out my planner and make some lists and most of the time it helps to reduce the anxiety and stress to a level that I can function with.

So there we go, my planning journey and reasons.. in summary: to keep my shit together and my head from feeling battered and cluttered 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Planner Girl Collective : Why I Plan, Why I Started, My Journey!

  1. Ooo me and my friends used to organise the English departments stationery and book cupboards every dinner. That was another start of my bug. That and we used it as a secret place to mess about xx


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