Planner Girls Collective : Monthly overview

I absolutely cannot get my head around planners that start their week on a Sunday, for me it just does not work! I like to sit down on a Monday and plan what I have coming up that week and to see two beautifully empty boxes at the weekend.

Erin Condren always start their week on a Sunday so as soon as mine hits my door mat I change the every month to a Monday start, it is a bit of a labour of love in that I have to not only cover the days but also change all the dates with date dots.. but once it’s done it’s perfect!

The only planner that I use the monthly feature in is my Erin Condren, It’s the first place that I schedule appointments in and is the first place I check to see what is coming up!

I also use it to track my bills and when I am due a payment, the notes bar to the right of the page has a list of all my direct debits and if they are coming out of my personal or business account (I do this with colour coding), in the box for the corresponding date I use a small circle in red to represent a bill and green for money coming in! 

The benefit for me to organise my finances like this is that I can see straight away what is due in the current week, I tick off each bill as it leaves my bank which really helps me to balance my books and make sure there is always sufficient money in each account!

Don’t forget to pop over to the other ladies taking part this week and see how they use their monthly overview pages:




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