Radio Silence

So this week has turned out a bit crazy, a couple of days ago we decided to take an impromptu trip to Scotland to go camping. 

We are currently in half term and I have an event to prepare for this Saturday and then launch of the new catalogue on the 1st June.

To allow myself to concentrate on that whilst still enjoying time with the children I’ve decided to step away from my blog for a few days, I will deffinetly be back by Monday and maybe sooner if I get the chance.

From next week the my blog schedule will be as follows: (YT = Corrisponding video tutorial)

Monday – Planner Girls Collective

Tuesday – Teamie Tuesday – Paper craft tutorial (YT)

Thursday – Paper Craft Tutorial (YT)

Saturday – Plan With Me (YT)

Next week will also see the launch of my new blog UglyBugChats which also has a corresponding YouTube channel. I will be using these to upload our vlogs/DITL videos, unboxing, reviews, creative journalling and anything which does not use Stampin’ Up! Products! 

Until then, enjoy the holidays and I look forward to seeing you here next week 🙂

Much love


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