2017 Homemade Christmas / Holidays Planner Flip Through

Its officially 6 months until Christmas which brings the first of my many traditions/rituals for me. On the 25th June I always set up my Christmas/Holidays planner. I find that it helps to have everything together for pre planning the holiday season.

Once my planner is set up I usually use the 25th of each month to go through it and fill in the sections/details that I can, it is also an excellent way to keep notes on the many “I wants” from the kids throughout the year and helps me to narrow their lists down to what they actually would like vs what the media tells them they would like!

I have a flip through that you can watch HERE where I go into more detail of what I have in each section and how I use them, what I’ve left in from the original design and what i’ve taken out!

The planner was designed by OrganiseWithKatie on Etsy and I purchased it for £12 on and printed it out myself. The cover I designed myself and used my Arc punch and disks to bind it! The thinking behind having an actually book rather than inserts in a planner this year is that I can keep this to refer back to in future years!

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