Plan With Me – Erin Condren and The Geeky Planner

 My poor neglected Erin Condren hasnt seen a pretty sticker in a long time! I’ve been using her as a blog planner with a very simple layout, now you know im not a massive stickerer but i do like to jazz it up a bit: so when Lea over at The Geeky Planner issued me with my latest #teamgeek mail (part of my design team perks) I couldn’t wait to get the beetlejuice set in for this coming week! 

Excuse the funky background in the pictures, its my tent carpet.. not the most attractive šŸ™‚

You can view the process video HERE!

You can purchase the Beetlejuice inspired stickers HERE, and the Villains will be available soon. Don’t forget to use UglyBug10 for 10% off your order!

The planner I am using in this is an Erin Condren Life planner that you can purchase HERE! By using this link you will receive 10usd off your order!

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