Plan With Me : Week 27 (ECLP & The Geeky Planner)

Calling all superhero and super-villain’s.. The Geeky Planner has sticker to satisfy any alta ego.. Of course I went for the villains.. there is something about being a baddy that I love the idea of.. I asked in my Facebook group “if you were a Disney character who would you be?” most people went for the goodies but for me characters like Maleficent will always have a place in my heart haha.

So it was very fitting when I received my DT package from Lea this week as she had sent me her brand new Villians kit with Maleficent page marker, It was my first look at her new premium paper (which is now available with all kits at an upgraded price). The stickers feel like velvet and the colours are so vibrant its made my page super fun and bright.

Of course I love Lea and all her stickers so its easy for me to say but I really do recommend you check her and her shop out, if you use code UGLYBUG10 you’ll receive 10% off.

I have used this kit in my Erin Condren Life Planner which you can purchase HERE!

FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender 3FullSizeRender

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