Traveler’s Notebook : Creative Journal Flip Through

I’ve done it… I’ve finally finished my first insert in my creative journal.. To be fair, i’ve kind of jumped around a few inserts which is why its taken me so long but it has been super fun to look back through and see how my style has changed.

This insert is a Websters Pages insert that has plain paper inside, there are about 32 pages which makes the insert very bulky once its complete and I had to glue quite a few pages together, especially in the middle of the insert, to stop the pages from pinging off of the staples.

I have no idea now where I will stop it so that it doesn’t get lost or damaged, at the minute it is sitting on my shelf next to my 12×12 albums, where do you store your finished inserts?



I wish have another flip through to do in a few weeks as I made myself an insert with clear pocket pages in between each spread, I didn’t put too many pages in it to keep it from being too bulky and I’m really enjoying adding the shaker pockets in the middle but it is a bit faffy to work with.

I will have my usual Traveler’s Notebook Creative Session process video up on Thursday so check back for that if you are a fab of creative layouts and memory keeping in your TN’s

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