Free Sticker Sunday… Hocus Pocus

Wow have I underestimated the amount I had to do this week.. It only seems a mere minute ago that I packed the kids off to school on Monday and now its Sunday and the summer holidays loom before us! I’m one of the mums that look forward to my kids being off of school.. until about 2 days into the holidays when they have done every activity I set up for them and everything else is boring.

I have spent this week pre recording videos for my YouTube channel and totally forgot about today’s Plan With Me.. so you’ll just have to put up with some free printable stickers instead!

This weeks theme was chosen by the lovely Alyson of @scarletmooncrafts click on the images below to download the printable sheets, they are free for personal use but cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Whilst we are chatting about my chaotic home I thought i’d take this opportunity to let you guys know my posting schedule for the next 6 weeks:

Monday = Pocket Page Scrapbooking Process (Blog and YouTube)

Every other Monday = Planner Girls Confessions (Blog Only)

Thursday = Traveller’s Notebook | Journal With Me (Blog and YouTube)

Sunday = Plan With Me & Free Sticker Sunday (Blog and YouTube)

I may throw in the odd Art Journalling video and blog here and there when I have the chance 🙂

Hocus Pocus

Much Love
Michelle xx

The artwork in these stickers is not my own, the design however is!!
Original artwork –

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