A6 UglyDori Flip Through with Hobonichi Techno plus FREE Planner Sticker Kit

Rather than do a Plan With Me this week I decided to film a flip through of my current set up in my A6 UglyDori, I have been using my WO1P inserts from CraftAli on Etsy to keep a record of things that I would like to add into my Project Life spreads. I also have my Hobonichi Techno in there which I’m kind of using as a brain dump I suppose, somedays I scribble my thoughts in there or a list and others I doodle. At the back I have a few empty notebooks and a gratitude journal.

I recently went through and had a bit of a change up in my decor, I’m still a keep it simple girl but I do like a few pretties in there. As I use this as a wallet to keep my vast amount of store cards in I laminated a postcard from Little Rainbow Moon left a fold of plastic on the back which I tucked behind the card and slotted into the front pocket to keep everything secure.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can have a watch of the flip through where I tell you where I brought each accessory from:


This weeks free, printable, sticker kit is themed on Suicide Squad which is one of my favourite films, as always feel free to download and print for your own personal use but please do not share, if you wish to share the link to this post then that is fine but no sharing the actual files, thanks muchly!!!

Squad 1

Squad 2

Squad 3

Squad 4

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