Confirming some Rumors

… if you’re in my Facebook group or follow me on Instagram then you may have an idea of what this blog post is about. For the past week I’ve been posting questions and pictures of what I’m working on and have been asking for feedback on some stickers.

My Etsy store used to be ram packed with stickers, mainly functional and kawaii style, then we started working on the UglyDori and that took up the majority of my time so we made the decision (aided by the fact that the machines I use to cut the stickers act like naughty children when ever I wanted to use them) to remove them from the shop and focus UglyBugPlans on actual planners.

Now that we have found our rhythm with the leather products I have less to do, its my hubby who actually makes them I’m just the “front man” and I’ve been working on redesigning and releasing some of my most popular stickers.

As from today you will start to see them appear in my Etsy shop, its going to be a slow process to cut and relist them all as I deleted rather than deactivated the original listings and it will be an ongoing process whilst I redesign each sheet.

I’m starting from the kawaii functional stickers which start from as little as 80p per sheet. I haven’t decided if my “full kits” will be back yet, thats not my style of planning and I find them hard to design but I might reintroduce them at a later date.

Every month there will still be the UglyBug Planner Kit and any stickers from that, along with any accessories, will be available in my Etsy store once the kits have shipped.

And finally… Stampin’ Up! You maybe aware that there has been less Stampin’ Up! Information on my blog and in my projects, thats due to the fact that I’ve been waiting to hear their decision on my having the 2 businesses, I heard back last week and I’m fine to continue as an Independent Demonstrator. I wont be bringing back the Craft Clubs or SU tutorials but you can still order from me if you wish, I will continue to link any products that I use so that you can find them with ease on their website and the monthly hostess code will reappear on posts.

I hope everyone is enjoying the back to school peace and quite, I feel a bit lost without the children here, maybe its time to crack open the paints and art journal.

Much love

Michelle xx

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