Project Life Process | Week 35 | Scrapping on a Budget

So many people ask me where to start with Project Life or what supplies they need that I wanted to put a layout together that shows you that you don’t have to have a craft room full of products to make a fun and unique layout.

Although this layout is picture heavy all i have used is a few pieces of scrapbook paper that came free in a magazine and some puffy word stickers that were super cheap from eBay. Ok so the layout is not sophisticated and won’t appear in any magazines but I had fun making it and the kids loved it.


The labels I made by cutting down some of the paper and using a single hole punch to create the cut out on each corner, then I used a black fine tip pen to give each one a doodley border.


The important thing to remember is that its the memories we are documenting not the supplies. In 20 years when our kids look back on these albums will we even care what supplies we used, if they were the newest thing out or how many “likes” the photos of them accumulated on social media, or will we look at the photos and reminisce on times gone past? Knowing my kids they will judge me on my supplies the judgey little turds lol (joking of course).

Much Love
Michelle xx

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