October Bullet Journal Set Up | in a Traveler’s Notebook

I know I’m not the only one who buys books and journals and then lets them sit there because they are just to pretty/posh to use am I? Well for a while now I have been wanting to go back to a bullet journal set up… yes yes I know I’ve just brought my Erin Condren for next year but this is totally just a way to test myself to see just how committed to one planner I really am… or thats what I tell my husband as he signs for the 4th amazon delivery this week!

My lovely Leuctrum1917 has been sat on my shelf for a couple of months now whilst I figure out how to break into it and actually figure out where to start. I know that I want a monthly over view and then a few trackers but thats about as far as I have got.

So this weekend I spent pinning Bullet Journal ideas and finally sat down to make a start on Sunday evening, a few people over on Instagram and recommended a pen test on the back page to see what bleeds through the paper and this did not go down very well at all. It seems like every single pen I own wanted to bleed through to the next page, I even tried some of my least favourite writing utensils but alas I had the same result.

I just couldn’t bare the thought of starting on such a poor footing so I printed some grid dot paper from My Life All In One Place’s blog and made my own autumnal cover and decided that this will be my October Bujo, the insert is a standard size and will fit in my Harry Potter inspired UglyDori along with my art journal and a few other inserts, to be honest I am so over the moon with it that I might leave the Leuctrum until the new year!

This is my set up video which starts at making the insert and finishes with the end weekly overview page:

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