Goodie Bag Opening | Manchester Planner Bee | September 2017

Not for the first time this week am I mentioning the Manchester Planner Bee meet that took place the weekend just gone, we had an amazing time and the Queen Bees done us, and themselves, proud!

I didn’t vlog the event but decided to film the goodie bag unboxing/opening and boy were we spoilt!

The tables were laid out lovely with personalised gifts for each person and then the goodie bags were stuffed with samplers from all different types of planner shops. It always amazes me when other sellers shy away, or worse moan, about being approached by event organisers for contributions to goodie bags. I know that there are far more events now than there ever has been but these are all amazing opportunities to get your products and name out there. I for one had a lot of samples from stores I had never heard of but will check out if I’m in the sticker purchasing mood 🙂

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Aside from the goodies the best part of the day was hanging out with my planner bestie Lea from The Geeky Planner and catching up with old friends and new.. soppy old bunch really aren’t we!


I stole the above picture from Janette Lane because I suck at remembering to take selfies haha.


Much love
Michelle xx

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