November Bullet Journal Set Up | Leuchtturm1917

I am totally 100% back in love with the whole Bullet Journal system and my love of planning has been reignited. I love that I can totally customise it to fit my needs and change the layout up each week. I have everything that I want/need in one book and everything else is sitting on my shelf unloved.

Whilst at PCE the lovely Teresa Hall gave a talk on the bullet journal system and whilst I’d read it all a million times on the website it was nice going through it with someone who tells you to stay away from Pinterest if you are just starting out, I get so overwhelmed trying to create these amazing layouts and always feeling like I’m failing. Now I just let lose and embrace my wonky lines!

So for November I’m in my Leuchttrum1917 which is in a custom made cover from UglyBugPlans, which is of course me 🙂 I decided to put all of my trackers in the back so hat I’m working towards them throughout the year and am going to put my 2019 future log back there too.

I’ve gone simple with a 2018 future log, birthday log and then straight into a monthly and weekly layout.

As always you can view the process video at the bottom of the page 🙂

Michelle xx

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