Project Life Process | Week 39 | with Studio Calico Documenter Kit

Ok I admit it I am an embellishment hussy.. I mean I love my pretty paper and journalling cards but its the embellishments that make me happy inside, I love me a banner, die cut and sparkly enamel dot and I loved creating the clusters on each picture in this photo heavy layout.

I left the 2 6″ x 4″ Journalling cards pretty basic but had to use the lush coloured alphas. For this layout I used the October Studio Calico Documenter Kit, the navy labels were a bit big for some of the photos so I cut them down and used a single hole punch to create the cut outs in the corner.

The glue that I am using is the 2in1 sailor pen from The Range which I am loving at the minute, its super sticky and handles layers of embellishments which I’m finding other glues just don’t cut it.

As always the process video is at the bottom of this blog post.

Michelle xx


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3 thoughts on “Project Life Process | Week 39 | with Studio Calico Documenter Kit

  1. Lovely layout 👍🏼 I’ve been using the Dailor glue pens for about a year and think they are fab! I normally buy a few each time from the Range to save me going too often! X


    1. I’ve had mine sat in my pot for a while but never used it, i’m glad I finally got round to trying it. I will definitely stock up on them when i’m in the range next 🙂


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