Planner Con Europe | Traveler’s Notebook Insert Flip Through

Hello chunky monkey!! this insert is now a beast and I love it! It came in a pack of 2 from hobby craft and has been sitting around for a while, I decorated the outside with the fantastic Michaels word washi and when I packed for Brussels I knew this was coming with me as a memory planner.

I find Traveler’s Notebook inserts the perfect size for documenting memories, they are easy to pop in your bag and a page is perfect for recording one memory or event. I keep mine in my Harry Potter inspired UglyDori which protects it from being damaged.

I used ephemera that I collected whilst I was there and just smashed my memories onto the pages, it was so much fun sitting and doing it in front of the TV of an evening but I didn’t record any process videos so decided to do a flip through for you instead. I do have some plain pages at the back of this insert but I fear that if I so much as show it one more piece of ephemera or washi its going to burst at me haha.


As always the video is at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

Much love
Michelle xx

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